Came Aluminium Die Casting


From the draft to the finished product.

Die-Casting with robots:

1 x 320 tons
4 x 420 tons
3 x 560 tons
1 x 750 tons
2 x 1,000 tons
1 x 1,400 tons

Die-Casting machinery:

5 x Trimming presses
3 x Sand blasting (carpet)
2 x Sand blasting (carousel)

Weight range:

Up to 21 Kg


CAD system,
simulation flow analysis


Our capacity

Came R&D department works with a fully CAD systems assisted design software and for simulation flow analysis (MAGMA, PROCAST).


Our foundry division has 11 fully automated work centres connected to the company net, they are made up of a press, trimming press, a machine tool to remove sprue and an anthropomorphic robot dealing with the casting handling in each work centre.


Our commitment towards continuous improvement and our investment on technology stand for product and service quality, which are the principles of Came’s philosophy.


Our quality is ensured by processes structured according to ISO 9001, by an up-to-date metrological centre (3D measuring machine, RX cabinet, spectrometer) and it is supported by expertly trained employees who verify all of the productive phases.



To be able to assure to its customers high quality standards on finished products too, Came offers surface finishing, as well as machining or additional sub-assembling.


Below is the full list of services offered by Came:
• Mold design and construction;
• Feasibility study, Co-design and flow simulation;
• Subcontracted moulding production for specific parts;
• Surface finish such as sandblasting,tumbling, coating, cataphoresis, chrome-plating;
• Machining;
• Impregnation;
• Co-injection molding.


Today the market and international organizations require a clear commitment to quality.
This is why Came considers quality as one of its main corporate objectives focusing on customer’s needs. Came Quality Management System, certified in accordance with ISO 9000, is fully and perfectly integrated into the quality management system.


Came performs dimensional controls with automated DEA 3D, durometer for testing hardness, roughness tester for the control of the casting surface, cabin RX for fluoroscopy, use of penetrating fluid and of equipments for proof seal.

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