Came's 5 pillars of Innovation and Sustainability

16 May 2024

Through these five pillars, we at Came aim to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and a more sustainable future that will strengthen our position as a leader in die casting and winding for electric motors.

Focussing on Quality and Safety

We strive to maintain high quality, health, safety and environmental standards on a daily basis, to meet the stringent demands of our customers, to improve the well-being of our teams and protect the surrounding environment. We adopt strict practices to ensure that every process and product complies with stringent regulations, aiming for a positive impact both inside and outside the company.

Towards a zero-emission future

In the area of sustainability, we are dedicated to continuously searching for clean energy sources to support our operations. The large surface areas of our plants host photovoltaic panels that produce approximately 566.2 kW of power.

We are exploring solutions such as reusing the heat generated by production plants to heat work areas, optimizing the use of resources and reducing our ecological footprint. These initiatives represent the concrete steps we at Came are taking toward the goal of significantly reducing our carbon footprint by aiming to use technologies that pollute less and are more sustainable .

Circular economy: recycling and reuse

We are geared toward the circular economy, especially with regard to production waste disposal and recycling. We employ innovative methods to reuse or recycle any residual production material in order to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

Customer centricity

Customer centricity is a key pillar for us. We are committed to providing custom and co-designed solutions that effectively and efficiently meet the customer’s specific needs. This approach not only strengthens the relationship of trust with our customers, but also drives continuous improvement in the products and services we offer.

Innovation in research and development

Innovation is the driving force behind our research and development into new analysis and control methods. Investing significantly in R&D allows us to stay ahead of market needs and future challenges, and to develop advanced electric motor technologies to ensure technological leadership in the market.

These 5 pillars define our short- and long-term strategy and give our customers a guarantee of state-of-the-art services and products together with respect for the environment and people.

Article by:
Alessandro Zennato
Quality System, Health, Safety and Environment Manager
+39 0444 488282