Windings synchronous

Came is pleased to announce the arrival of the new machine for the production of windings for synchronous motors with permanent magnets, called Brushless Direct Current.ronics.
The advantage of this type of engine compared to the traditional asynchronous or DC engine lies in being more efficient and compact, andcouples perfectlywith the electronics.

The use of these types of engines is vast

  • Pumps and Ventilation
  • Appliances
  • Gate operators and Automations
  • Automotive
  • Drive wheels, Electric Bikes and Scooters
  • Generators and Alternators


  • customized solutions
  • technical and commercial assistance
  • research and development

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    New production line


    Came has decided to invest in a new production line in order to best serve its customers not only in the development of mainline prototypes but also in small production runs; in addition to this, Came provides extensive consultation in Research and Development

    With this important step Came looks ahead to a world that does not stop, and will always be supporting/working with customers in the continued development and investment of products that use energy efficiently. and always she wants to be alongside customers to develop and invest in the improvement of products for efficient energy use.