Came’s investments in sustainability

24 Marzo 2022

At Came we focus on sustainability in two main directions:

1) Our products and services help our customers transition to sustainable products by adopting electric motors over fossil-fuel alternatives. We support this by offering a wide range of flexible co-innovation services that can be adapted to any customer. The more flexible we are, the more we support the energy transition.

2) Our activities improve continuously because sustainability is not something we can achieve immediately, but is a constant process made up of numerous interlinked steps.

Our efforts for operational sustainability

For several years we have adopted a strategy of continuous innovation and investment in critical areas, but this will be strengthened in the near future.

We will make significant investments in two large areas:
1) Updating machinery,
2) Environmental impact management and reduction (waste reduction, water recovery, photovoltaic expansion).

We need to make these efforts to become increasingly eco-sustainable.

We also work hard to create a sustainability culture among employees, customers, communities and the public administration through open and transparent communication.

That is how we can discover and solve challenges quickly and stay ahead of the curve.

A practical example is our collaboration with one customer, a world leader in hydraulic pump production, through the ECOVADIS Sustainability project of which we are a partner and through which we analysed our company’s level of sustainability.

We will also attain ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification by the end of June 2022, both of which are important in relation to Total Sustainability.

Overall, sustainability is a strategic goal for us, our customers, our team and our community. To achieve it, we need to invest continuously so that we can innovate and collaborate.

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