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Come to Coiltech Pordenone 2023 and discover the new Came services

13 September 2023

This year on 20 and 21 September 2023 we will attend the Coiltech Pordenone 2023 trade fair dedicated to the coil winding industry in Italy. At our stand we will present news about our products and services, including:

The Came cost saving service for electric motors

The benefits of producing motors without using rare earth elements

The service for optimising wound stators

At our stand, Stand B20 in Hall 5, you will also find news about the production of Brushless Direct Current windings and asynchronous windings.

On 21 September we will also be taking part with SPIN at the technical-scientific World Magnetic Conference organised by Coiltech, which covers the topic “Distributed winding vs concentrated winding: New technologies and design choices”.


A new milestone for the Came Portal

28 June 2023

In 2018, we introduced the Came Portal to provide our customers with a free sharing tool that is customised to the user’s context to facilitate and strengthen partnership relationships.

Since then, the portal has acquired several additional functions, including just in time stock control, order status, transport documents, availability of similar products ready for delivery and the new function to check for the customer’s missing packages in the Came warehouse.

All of these services are now appreciated, with more than 2000 accesses annually by customers using the Came Portal to communicate directly with the company and access relevant information easily without any help.

The aim of improving the Came Portal will continue, thanks to the work of our EDP team, which will constantly collect suggestions from our partners to improve the portal services.

If you are a Came customer and want to access the Came Portal, just write an email to the back office to receive your free login:


A strategic partner to grow together - the interview with came in Electric Motor Engineering

17 May 2023

Cristian and Matteo Chilese were interviewed by Electric Motor Engineering, the most important European engineering magazine in the electric motor market.

During the interview, Cristian and Matteo explained the factors that contributed to Came’s success in 2022: R&D with the cost saving service for electric motorsthe wound stator optimisation service and the prime contractor service to supply components. All of these services have made Came the ideal European partner for development and production of electric motors.

The interview continues with the importance of human capital and Came’s medium- to long-term strategy of investing in sustainability and innovative technologies for low voltage and BLDC production.


Came wishes you Happy Easter 2023

4 April 2023

We at Came wish a happy Easter to all those celebrating it in Italy and around the world.

Easter is the time to look to the future with confidence as it symbolises a new beginning full of joy and sharing, and we hope you can spend this time with your families and loved ones.

We take this opportunity to thank all our customers, suppliers and team for the constant support that you demonstrate every day.

We remind you that we will be closed on Monday 10 April 2023 and will reopen on Tuesday 11 April 2023. Came will also be closed on Monday 24 April and Tuesday 25 April 2023.

Discover the new Came services at the Coiltech Deutschland 2023 event in Augsburg

7 March 2023

Come and visit the Came stand at the Coiltech Deutschland 2023 trade fair in Augsburg, which will take place on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 March 2023.

This year the Came stand features news about new services to improve our customers’ products and business, such as the cost saving service for electric motorsthe prime contractor service and the wound stator optimisation service.

At our stand you will also find news about the production of Brushless Direct Current windings and asynchronous windings.

You will find us at the Stand ITALIA 1-A12.

You can register online and download the entrance ticket at the following link.

You can book an appointment with us by calling +39 04444 88282
or by sending an email to


Am Messezentrum 5,
86159 Augsburg

Visitor opening hours

Wednesday, 29 March 2023: 9:00 – 18:00

Thursday, 30 March 2023: 9:00 – 17:00


Our new video presents the benefits of the dedicated Came sales team

3 November 2022

In this video, Cinzia Fontana, the Came sales team manager, illustrates the benefits that customers can expect from the dedicated Came sales team:

  • Fast identification of targeted solutions
  • Shorter time to receive quotations
  • Access to relevant market knowledge

Came features a new dedicated sales contact available to each of our customers, supported by a customer service department for everyday activities.

In the video, Cinzia also gives an overview of the Came services available through the dedicated sales team:

You can also watch the video on the Came YouTube channel.

The dedicated Came sales team is at your disposal to answer any technical questions or for product development.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details or requests.
Tel: +39 04 444 88282

Came standing by its employees with 125,000 Euro in vouchers

19 October 2022

Came has decided to pay its employees a bonus totalling 125,000 Euro in vouchers in order to combat the high cost of living.

At a very difficult time when rising living costs affect everyone indiscriminately, straining household budgets, Came has decided to give its employees concrete support to contribute to the expenses resulting from the high cost of living.

Together with the September 2022 pay slip, the company paid each employee a bonus of 350 Euro in the form of vouchers to make the bonus easy to use.

As always, Came’s goal is to develop its team and keep it united, and takes tangible steps to prove it: this bonus demonstrates the value that Came wants to place on the human and professional heritage of its team.

Thanks for visiting us at Coiltech 2022 in Pordenone

6 October 2022


Thank you for visiting us at our stand during Coiltech 2022 in Pordenone.

Once again, this year Coiltech has proved to be a reference point in Italy and abroad to meet our customers and exchange information with the global market.

At our stand you were able to see news about how Came’s solutions such as the prime contractor service, wound stator optimisation service and our R&D department.

You can contact us at:
Came spa
Via Risorgimento, 96
36070, San Pietro Mussolino, VI, Italia
Phone: +39 0444 488282

We will be happy to offer you the best solution for your business.

In the meantime, we recommend that you read all the technical and update articles in the Came news.

Came meetings to involve the team

30 September 2022

Came puts great weight on a sense of corporate belonging and sharing information among the corporate population.

We want each of our employees to feel part of the great Came team.

Therefore, following a request from staff during the 2021 corporate climate review, we decided to organise regular meetings with staff to share company issues that are considered important at the time.

The moment of sharing we conceived creates a direct channel of communication between Owners, General Management, Management and the entire corporate population, where we talk about business strategy, projects involving part or all of the company and its national and international reference context.

We organised the first round of meetings with the staff just before the summer break, on July 21 and 28, at the Parish Theatre in San Pietro Mussolino.

In over an hour, we discussed topics such as the socio-economic context in which Came operates today, the importance of compliance with occupational safety and environmental regulations, the results of business climate analysis, the new Came brand, and business strategies for the future.

The meeting was well received by the staff who attended, with very positive feedback on how these kinds of meetings are useful and functional.

Came now has almost 360 employees and is structuring itself as a large company. Without such a moment, we risk losing the closeness the Owners and Management have with the company population and, above all, reducing the flow of information about business performance and the innovations introduced.

For Came, being a team is a great source of pride and underpins so much that we do every day.

This appointment, which will become a habitual part of annual corporate life, will always go in this direction, with the aim of making our employees increasingly aware of the corporate context in which they live every day.

Contact us:
Simona Imperatore
Human Resources Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282

The benefits of the Came prime contractor service

1 July 2022

Through its organizational structure and know-how built up over 45 years of experience with the various production businesses among its customers, Came can provide some very useful services to optimize the times and costs of supplying electric motor components.

One of these is without doubt that of  prime contractor.

Through this service, a customer can entrust Came with managing the complete supply of all essential electric motor components.
A good example of this is provided by one of our customers, a leading company in the gearmotor sector in an international group.

As is often the case, this project was the result of a customer need. The customer had indicated that it needed to entrust procurement of the various components in its product to a single supplier, for three main reasons:

  • To concentrate procurement of multiple components from many suppliers on one, with clear benefits in timing and ease of interfacing
  • To entrust the burden of procurement to a financially reliable partner able to purchase a range of components from several suppliers and then supply them to a single customer
  • To concentrate its efforts on manufacturing and selling its motors

Therefore, based on the Came team’s professionalism in defining prices and supply chains, the customer passed the agreements with the various stamping plants and shaft manufacturers to Came.
Came can deal for the customer not only with the winding, where it is the leading European manufacturer, but also with production of die-cast aluminium components as casings, shields, flanges, terminal board covers.

Last but not least among the things that make up Came’s prime contractor service, is inserting the wound stators into the casings.

To complete the list of services associated with the role of prime contractor, there is the Came logistics service, which allows us to produce the product in advance and deliver it when the customer sends the purchase order.

It is clear why the customer has entrusted implementation of these elements, whether they be products or services, to Came: our company can guarantee an all-round supply to the final customer, exploiting our professionalism and experience to simplify the customer’s life.

Contact us:
Fabrizio Tripodi
Area manager, Came
+39 0444 488282

Development of the human capital in Came

23 June 2022

The international market poses a significant challenge to companies in relation to competitiveness. This makes it necessary to implement a business strategy oriented towards innovation and internationalisation of skills.

Came will not be caught off guard and has prepared an annual training plan that is in line with the main market trends. In fact, the company is always ready to meet market challenges, and innovation and internationalisation are at the core of the 2022 training strategy.

Digital innovation means integrating increasingly advanced computer systems into our work, and training personnel on these systems is the basis for using them correctly and making the most of all their available features and potential. At the same time, Came is investing in innovating working processes by analysing where operating flows can be updated and improved, and identifying which methodologies and tools are the most appropriate to adopt.

Regarding internationalisation, training courses on international managerial skills and language training are planned for 2022. Specifically, Came will invest in the language skills of its personnel on a large scale, with particular focus on the resources who communicate with our international customers and suppliers on a daily basis. The investment will not be limited to English, but in some cases language skills in German and Spanish will also be enhanced.

There will also be continuous training to update work-related expertise, especially with a view to inter-departmental interchangeability within the company, and training on the Safety, Environment and Quality management systems used in the company.
Came’s focus on the quality of its products and customer service remains a cornerstone for which there is always investment in external training and internal support.

Contact us:
Simona Imperatore
Human Resources Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282

Thank you for visiting us during Euroguss 2022 in Nuremberg

17 June 2022

We want to thank you for visiting us at our stand during the Euroguss 2022 fair.

As you can see from the video above, Euroguss was an important moment to meet new customers and compare ourselves with the market trend at the most important Die-Casting fair in Europe.

This year we had the opportunity to present the improvements of our plant and the goals achieved through compliance with IATF 16949 to provide more services to our customers.

For any inquiries relating to Came services and the production of components for die casting for third parties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can contact us at:
Came spa
Via Risorgimento, 96
36070, San Pietro Mussolino, VI, Italia
Tel: +39 0444 488282

We will be happy to offer you the best solution for your business.

In the meantime, we advise you to read all the technical and updating articles in the Came news.

Power your growth, the video about Came's new slogan and logo

7 June 2022

In this video we want to present Came’s new slogan, Power your growth, which symbolises the company’s international mission of becoming increasingly a partner in the growth of its customers.

The change of slogan takes place at a time when the market is demanding greater speed, expertise, innovation, collaboration and responsibility, all values that have become Came’s mainstays.

The updated logo follows the tradition, but aesthetic aspects have been added to make it look younger and more modern for a market that is in continuous evolution.

We hope you enjoy viewing it.

We look forward to seeing you at the EUROGUSS trade fair in Nuremberg from Wed 8 Jun to Fri 10 Jun 2022

26 May 2022

Came will be attending EUROGUSS, the most important European die-casting fair to be held at the Nuremberg exhibition centre in Germany from Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 June 2022.

During the fair we will present all the news regarding Came Die-Casting services and the updated production layout that has allowed us to:

You will find us in Hall 8 – Stand 8-120.

You can click here up to 10 June 2022 to get your personal electronic ticket for EUROGUSS 2022.

Opening hours:
09:00 – 18:00 Wed 8 Jun 2022
09:00 – 18:00 Thu 9 Jun 2022
09:00 – 15:00 Fri 10 Jun 2022

Nürnberg Messe GmbH
Messezentrum 1
90471 Nürnberg

The values of the Came team: teamwork, expertise, sharing, comparison, trust, responsibility

12 May 2022

Help each other and respect each other, be a team, meet challenges for the good of the company and our customers.

I’m starting this article with what in my opinion is one of Came’s most important values, which represents the human value of our company more than any other: collaboration and group spirit.

The current historical period puts us under strain and stress every day, and risks pushing us toward individualism, loneliness and selfishness. We at Came believe that the team adds value to achieve any goal and grow continually in the market.

Why did Came decide to focus on the team?  What are the benefits?

  • Teamwork allows a continuous exchange of information, knowledge and expertise.
  • Circular expertise is a key aspect in measuring the value of any company.
  • At Came, there are frequent moments in which company departments and the different roles within them can share and align with each other.
  • Comparing ideas and points of view helps identify the best solutions to problems so that the team can implement them much faster and more effectively. It also allows the decisions taken to be shared, resulting in greater professional motivation.

With circular expertise and sharing of ideas, we accomplish projects and developments that are more complete, richer and of greater strategic value.

The awareness of being a competent and close team is fundamental. Extending individual responsibilities to the whole team and distributing activities in a clear and homogeneous manner reduces our working pressure and allows us to efficiently and effectively achieve company goals.

The mission of creating a lasting relationship of trust and partnership with our customers is primarily pursued internally by maintaining and developing a relationship of trust between colleagues and between departments. The resulting internal partnership is the reason why none of us in Came feel alone, but part of a winning team, ready to face the challenges that await us in our future together.

Contact us:
Simona Imperatore
Human Resources Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282

We co-designed a new hydraulic pump motor with the client

5 May 2022

In 2020, a global leader in the construction of hydraulic pumps asked Came to design a new type of winding for a high-efficiency pump with stringent tolerance, CSR and technical specification requirements.

The project took all of Came’s experience and know-how in the combination of die casting and winding to solve the technical challenge of an innovative and complex product.

During its two years, the project required a strong focus on designing the die casting for the Mec 90-112-132 motor sizes, for which 4 die castings and 9 different windings had to be designed while combining the design requirements with Came’s production needs.

The whole Came team was involved in close collaboration with the client’s team, working with continual technical alignments. The project required real integration between the two companies as the teams had to follow the detailed project Gantt chart.

We offered the client an innovative insulation sealing process, which included the use of new foam technology to optimize product assembly and reduce production costs.

Came’s role was also that of project leader, with the management of the wound stator supply and the various external phases needed to obtain the finished assembly.

Here we summarise the benefits that the client gained from working with Came:
– Complete technical consultancy
– Reliable dedicated work team
– Co-design of die castings and windings
– Smaller supply chain
– Product cost savings

The synergy between Came and the client was a success and demonstrates that teamwork, values and know-how are necessary to achieve significant results.

Came’s investments in sustainability

24 March 2022

At Came we focus on sustainability in two main directions:

1) Our products and services help our customers transition to sustainable products by adopting electric motors over fossil-fuel alternatives. We support this by offering a wide range of flexible co-innovation services that can be adapted to any customer. The more flexible we are, the more we support the energy transition.

2) Our activities improve continuously because sustainability is not something we can achieve immediately, but is a constant process made up of numerous interlinked steps.

Our efforts for operational sustainability

For several years we have adopted a strategy of continuous innovation and investment in critical areas, but this will be strengthened in the near future.

We will make significant investments in two large areas:
1) Updating machinery,
2) Environmental impact management and reduction (waste reduction, water recovery, photovoltaic expansion).

We need to make these efforts to become increasingly eco-sustainable.

We also work hard to create a sustainability culture among employees, customers, communities and the public administration through open and transparent communication.

That is how we can discover and solve challenges quickly and stay ahead of the curve.

A practical example is our collaboration with one customer, a world leader in hydraulic pump production, through the ECOVADIS Sustainability project of which we are a partner and through which we analysed our company’s level of sustainability.

We will also attain ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification by the end of June 2022, both of which are important in relation to Total Sustainability.

Overall, sustainability is a strategic goal for us, our customers, our team and our community. To achieve it, we need to invest continuously so that we can innovate and collaborate.

Contact us if you want to discuss sustainability:

The sales team dedicated to Came customers

3 March 2022

To meet the increasing demands for technology and innovation expressed by end users, today’s market counts on increasing skill levels from all operators in the value chain.

In Came, there has been a significant increase in consulting services over the last two years, resulting in a greater transfer of expertise to enrich knowledge and develop the highest-performance products.

Exchanges of information and know-how are no longer limited to Research and Development, but permeate throughout the company. In fact, effective solutions have to be found in all stages of the project, from the first approach right up to after sales.

Came has invested in its Sales Team over the last two years, with new resources, training and work organisation. Currently Cinzia, Sales Manager, and Fabrizio and Omar, Area Managers, carry out a preliminary project analysis to immediately identify the best supply options, which also contributes to updating the customer on market trends and innovations. The quotation management process also exploits the professionalism of Alessandro and Alice, who also use digital communication internal systems to optimise the times needed to calculate estimates and generate quotations.

Today, every customer can count on a dedicated technical-sales service to ensure faster development of new projects and continually provide information on market trends, raw materials and innovations in the sector.

For Came, customised consulting is a winning asset to continuously improve the quality of its output. The sales team will therefore specialise by customer in the future. An in-depth knowledge of the customer’s needs is key to bringing innovation by customising the product/service system so that it delivers the best performance in terms of market competitiveness.

The Came Customer Service department also follows the same philosophy of customised consulting. Its reference people are continually connected to the Came Sales Team, with the aim of giving customers a continuous customised service.

Article by:
Cinzia Fontana
Sales Manager
+39 0444 488282

Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!

22 December 2021

The Came team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022.

2021 was a year of great goals, investments and changes for Came, and among these we want to remember the most significant:

The expansion of our Die-Casting plant leading to improved delivery speed and operational flexibility
– The launch of new R&D services with numerous benefits for our customers
Compliance with the IATF 16949 management system which allowed Came to enter the automotive world

For 2022 we want to go beyond these goals, always guided by our values of customer care, innovation, and sustainability.

We wish you happy holidays by reminding you that we will close from Thursday 23 December 2021 until Monday 3 January 2022.

Came services to give the customer solutions

28 October 2021

We are going through a period of profound change in the electric motor market, driven by continuous change in global market conditions, advancing innovation and the increasing importance of sustainability at all levels.

Compared to the past, each company in the production chain has to respond to the next in line with increasing product and service quality.

This all requires investment in know-how, production and process digitalisation in order to optimise the end result in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. All players in the supply chain are expected to specialise their own processes in order to output not just a product but a solution.

In addition to being a change at an organisational and process level, it is really a change at a cultural level, which involves the whole company and starts from the desire to excel in providing the customer with added value created through optimising the resources in the Came – customer supply chain.

This idea has led us to embark on a partnership with many of our customers, and thereby develop a range of useful services to allow them to focus on activities with greater added value, optimising the final output through combining the resources of both partners more fruitfully.

This mutual exchange process has brought product innovation, an exchange of knowledge, cost rationalisation and efficiency, transforming our organisation and our mindset towards a “customer-centric” business approach.

For windings and die-casting co-design, our R&D services are designed to provide the know-how we have gained through over 40 years of experience, and production of 23,000 windings and 35,000 die-castings per day.

Every customer can count on the availability of a team of specialist technicians to carry out technical testing in order to improve end product efficiency.

We provide procurement and logistics support including purchasing raw materials and components and integrating the supply chain with consignment stock. We also provide digital tools to share all useful information for order management in real time with reserved access to the Came Portal.

Our solution is an integrated service from design and creation of die-castings and windings, through component procurement, assembly, warehouse management, up to logistics.

Came has experienced continuously increasing demand for services since 2020, reflecting the importance of supply chain partnerships in achieving common market goals.

Download our new Came Services brochure here.

Article by:
Cristian Chilese
CEO – Marketing and Communication Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282

Came Die-casting achieves conformance with the IATF 16949 Management System

7 October 2021

With the intention of developing a highly customer-oriented management system aimed at continuous improvement by emphasizing defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain, in 2021 we obtained the Letter of Conformance with the IATF 16949 Management System.

The IATF standard requires quality management to include all production and support departments . The audit took days and covered all of the processes and departments in Came Die-casting, including but not limited to procurement, customer service, IT, human resources, planning, design and development processes, production, purchasing, quality, logistics, management, sales, environment, and safety.

To obtain conformance, we had to undertake significant work in both documentation and risk analysis, including process
mapping, procedure drafting, operating instructions, records, audits, and field validation.

The following core tools were applied during process development:
– APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)
– PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
– FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
– SPC (Statistical Process Control)
– MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis)

We have exceeded the strict requirements that must be fulfilled to achieve certification, which has allowed us at Came Die-casting to improve our processes and the quality of the products we supply to our customers.

Conformance with the IATF 16949 management system attests to Came's commitment to provide our customers with the values in which we believe, continual innovation, reliability, flexibility, and teamwork.

The benefits of the new Came Die-Casting 2021 plant

20 April 2021

We have redesigned the new layout of the Came Die-Casting plant to support our customers’ needs: delivery speed and operational flexibility.

In expanding the plant, we have prioritised the logistics aspect to speed up loading and unloading and improve operational efficiency. To do this, we expanded and improved the die storage and maintenance part to increase operational flexibility and provide an ad-hoc die management service.

With this new layout, we have two next-generation 4.0 smelting furnaces that allow us to manage multiple alloys efficiently and increase production capacity.
We have distributed the press areas with robots to improve product unloading automation and make it easier to recover production waste with a focus on sustainability.

We have achieved the goals we set ourselves in 2020 and, for 2022, we want to achieve new sustainability goals for our human and production processes.

Article by:
Cristian Chilese
Managing Director, Head of Marketing and Communications
+39 0444 488282

Came R&D benefits for customers video

14 January 2021


In this video, Fabrizio Bardelli, the Came R&D department manager, illustrates the benefits that customers can expect from Came research and development services:

– Customer support
– Cost reduction and optimisation
– 2 brake benches, electric motor characterisation
– Motor CAD software
– Prototyping, industrialisation and co-design of BLDC motors
– Micro-discharges and inverter motors

In the video, Fabrizio also gives an overview of the current state of the electric motor market and its continuous evolution in the future.

You can also watch the video on the Came YouTube channel.

Our Research and Development department is at your disposal to answer any technical questions or for product development.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details or requests.
Tel: +39 04 444 88282

Came a Christmas of solidarity

21 December 2020

We have decided to dedicate this Christmas newsletter to Moby Dick, a social cooperative in our area that supports people with disabilities and children with special needs.

The cooperative manages various services including the day center in via Zara, 39 with its shop where are sold the items created by people with disabilities with medium severity that are not placed in company work environments.

We have been actively sponsoring this cooperative for 4 years, taking care of the annual calendar which can always be purchased at this address. Furthermore, this year, part of the amount we donate, will be used for the purchase of personal protective equipment so as to allow operators and all-day center guests to be safe in the various environments.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we wanted to remind you that Came will be closed from 24 December 2020 to 6 January 2021.

We will reopen on 7 January 2021 ready to welcome you with the important news.

Interview with Simona Imperatore, the new Human Resources Manager at Came

27 July 2020

We are pleased to introduce you to Simona Imperatore, the new Human Resources Manager at Came. Simona will be the leader and manager of one of the most important aspects and values that distinguish Came: People. Came has entrusted Simona with important development and management goals for the Came team.

What experience do you have?

I moved to Came following seven years of experience in Human Resources at large companies in the Vicenza area, initially in the metalworking sector and then the tanning sector. During this time, I started with a professional internship and worked up to the role of specialist, with increasing responsibility for human resource search, selection, training and development processes.

What are Came’s strengths?

Today, Came is the link between a family company and a managerial organisation. The company manages to combine personal attention and the air of cooperation that you generally breathe in a family company with the innovation, dynamism and managerial focus typical of a large structured organisation.

Came’s strength derives from a belief in the value of the team and its component people, whose daily contribution helps make the company increasingly competitive. I can’t help but agree with this vision, which allows me to work in an environment that certainly promotes development of existing resources as well as addition of new talent.

How does the talent relate to Came’s innovation?

Because it is young, dynamic, technologically up-to-date, strongly focussed on people and well rooted in the area, Came is an extremely attractive company to young talent with an ambition to join a winning team. Today, prospects for growth, training, quality of life and workplace sustainability are elements that a company must provide, if it wants to attract and retain talent. Came’s investment in human resource management aims to go in precisely this direction.

What is the plan to develop the talent in Came?

In my opinion, every employee is to be regarded as a “customer” whose satisfaction must be the foremost goal of the Human Resources department. Just like an external customer, each employee has different talents, characteristics, needs and expectations. We want to follow them, listen to them and support them fully in their journey through the company. In fact, our attention must be focused both on adding new resources with high potential and on exploiting internal resources, in order to continuously grow and develop the corporate human capital. As well as finding talent and adding it to the company, it is essential to nurture, enhance and motivate the talent to stay in the company and bring the best out of it.

In fact, our high potentials must be in a position to show Came their value. Organising coaching, continuous training and development, and introducing facilities that improve the quality of corporate life are two macro projects through which this goal can be achieved.

Contact us:
Simona Imperatore
Human Resources Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282

BLDC motors in thermal cyclers for analysing Covid19 swabs

3 June 2020

Came has accrued significant know-how in creating wound stators for BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motors, whose characteristics make them essential in a wide range of applications such as e-bikes, electric vehicles, HVAC, handling and many other fields of use.

The most important applications of BLDC motors include thermal cyclers, which hit the news in 2020 as the most useful tool nations have to analyse swabs taken from the population and keep the Covid19 epidemic under control.

Swabs are sticks with cotton pads to collect nasal mucous and pulmonary fluids. The sample is placed in a test tube and inserted into a thermal cycler, a machine that has been used for years to identify other pathologies such as common flu.

The thermal cycler heats and amplifies the genetic material of the virus through a polymerase chain reaction.
It is a compact instrument that uses discs with specific reagents to identify Covid19.
Thermal cyclers can very accurately analyse several samples at the same time, and provides results in just a few hours.

These devices must offer extremely reliable analysis quality and results, so they use Brushless Direct Current motors because of the following benefits:

– High efficiency;
– Stable rotation;
– Maintenance free;
– Small size;
– Long service life.

Came can boast lengthy experience in prototyping, industrialisation and production of wound stators for BLDC motors, thanks to a range of machines that will be expanded in the coming years to effectively meet customer needs.

Article by:
Cristian Chilese
CEO – Marketing and Communication Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282

Team Came's approach to the Covid19 crisis

18 May 2020

During this time of crisis caused by Covid19, Came has adopted a set of extraordinary measures to guarantee the health and safety of all its collaborators. To do this, it has worked on the management and company organisation, with the additional goal of ensuring company operation and continuity of service, above all to provide economic peace of mind and ethics to its collaborators.

Even before the safety protocol for containing the spread of the Virus, dated 14 March 2020, was officially issued, Came acted promptly by implementing strict measures to guarantee the health and safety of its employees.

The company management involved all its managers and workers’ representatives, immediately forming a Covid Committee to be at the front line in order to implement, improve and verify the steps taken to see Came through this emergency.

The main tools adopted by the company to achieve these goals are:
– Information and periodic bulletins for collaborators
– Changes to working hours and shifts
– Use of smart working
– Daily body temperature measurements at the entrance
– Distribution of PPE (masks, gloves)
– Installation of hand sanitizer dispensers
– Specific signs and posters in all company premises
– Changes to internal routes
– Contingent use of toilets, canteens and changing rooms

All of these actions have been supported by the vision and resilience of the Covid team, by continuously monitoring the perception of employees’ mood in production and management, and by the spirit of sacrifice and loyalty of all employees who have strictly observed the protocols that have been verified and approved, including through two visits by the local SPISAL (workplace health and safety prevention service) and by trade union representatives.

Those smiles that were lost for fear and uncertainty in the early days of the emergency, have now returned to the eyes of all collaborators in Came, in the knowledge that Came and its team are present and active during this period.

Article by:
Andrea Dardano
Safety and Environment Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282

European Business magazine interviews Cristian and Matteo Chilese, CEOs of Came

30 April 2020

European Business is one of Europe’s most international business magazines, offering its readers around the world a global business perspective on the people, companies, and ideas that are shaping economic development in Europe.

Cristian and Matteo Chilese, CEOs of Came, a leading European electric motor winding company, were interviewed on topics such as electrification, e-mobility, sustainability, energy efficiency and Brushless BLDC motor products.

Cristian and Matteo illustrated Came’s strategy of entering the automotive, lighting, gas and automation markets through investment in IATF 16949:2016 certification for die-casting in order to provide customers with a complete solution.

Came’s expansion goals in foreign markets, including Germany, are based on continual investment in lean and just-in-time processes, logistics and the new Came portal, which allows customers to follow the status of orders and prices in real time.

Read the full interview here to find out more.

Came's 2020 ad campaign in the Electric Motor Engineering magazine

20 April 2020

In 2020, came decided to start its ad campaign with the aim of illustrating its position as a European partner and leader in high-efficiency windings for low-voltage electric drive motors.
The campaign started in Electric Motor Engineering, the most important European engineering magazine in the electric motor market.

Publication started in March 2020 and will continue for another three issues, focussing on the breadth of the sectors using Came windings:

– Automotive
– Wind power
– Handling
– E-bikes
– Transport
– Household appliances

The campaign will continue in September with an interview with the owners of Came, which will discuss strategic aspects on the subject of windings.

Visit this website to read the publication.

Article by:
Cristian Chilese
CEO – Marketing and Communication Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282

Came wishes you safe and happy Easter 2020

10 April 2020

Came wishes Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it in Italy and worldwide.

We wish you to spend quality time with your loved ones during this hard time, to stay safe and healthy.

Our thoughts are with all who have been impacted by this crisis, especially the medical staff who help those most in need.

Easter symbolizes a new beginning and we are confident that we can do it together.

We wish you all an Easter full of health and peace and we thank our partners, suppliers, and team for the given support and commitment.