Interview with Massimo Bevilacqua, Elettronica Altissimo Plant Director, after the acquisition by Came

27 March 2024

In January 2024, Came announced the acquisition of the majority share of Elettromeccanica Altissimo, a company specialising in the production of windings for electric motors. It was founded in 1975 and is based in Altissimo, province of Vicenza.

We decided to interview Massimo Bevilacqua, plant manager of Elettromeccanica Altissimo, to tell us about the company’s strategic present and future.

What are Elettromeccanica Altissimo’s core business and origin?

Elettromeccanica Altissimo was founded in 1975 by my maternal grandparents in Altissimo, province of Vicenza, and has been a family-run company for 3 generations.

The company’s core business is production of windings for electric motors in general, following specific market demands.

What is your role in Elettromeccanica Altissimo?

I am the plant manager, and my responsibilities span the entire company organisation: customer contact and deliveries, technical support for new projects, organising internal and external work.

What is the state of the electric motor market and what is Elettromeccanica Altissimo’s position in this market?

The electric motor market is very complex. We have decided to focus on specific productions as a strategic line, especially manual processing, our hallmark. The market’s response to this strategic choice has led to steadily growing production.

Which products and services make Elettromeccanica Altissimo unique?

We produce windings for electric motors whose applications vary among gate openers, actuators, brushless, electric pumps, gear motors, submersible pumps and generators.

Our services are:

– Special and customised manual windings for various applications

– Low-voltage windings

– Insertion into the casing, drilling and threading

We have always focussed on being willing to follow the specific needs of our customers, which has allowed us to build and maintain long-lasting relationships.

Can you describe the benefits of manual processing for customers?

Manual processing is beneficial in two specific cases:

– When automatic winding is made impossible by specific design constraints

– When tooling costs are too high for small production batches

Manual processing can overcome these limitations and allow customers’ projects to be implemented.

We have an exceptional ability to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce capable of making high-end products, considering how difficult this has become in today’s world of rapidly diminishing manual skills.

What market and development opportunities do you see in the acquisition by Came?

As Came has been a leading producer of electric motor windings in the European market for years, I expect it will give Elettromeccanica Altissimo the opportunity to expand its customer base, further developing its work and local team.

In what ways will Elettromeccanica Altissimo innovate by joining Came?

On the one hand, Elettromeccanica Altissimo will bring its expertise in manual and special windings, while on the other, it will be able to rely on Came’s innovation and experience to develop new products together and compete in the fast, evolving electric motor market.

For more information about the acquisition of Elettromeccanica Altissimo, please contact or call +39 0444 488282.