Came acquires the majority share of Elettromeccanica Altissimo

22 January 2024

Came announces the acquisition of the majority share of Elettromeccanica Altissimo, a company in Vicenza specialising in the production of windings for electric motors. It was founded in 1975 and is based in Altissimo.

Came has decided to bring Elettromeccanica Altissimo on board to enhance its commitment to continuous innovation. This strategic move aims to strengthen synergies among companies operating in similar markets and elevate customer service in the field of special windings. Elettromeccanica Altissimo’s renowned manual processes and extensive expertise in the market make it a valuable addition to Came’s mission.

Another important aspect for Came is to continue maximising the potential of the area in which it operates and harnessing locally developed skills with highly qualified and experienced personnel, as demonstrated by over 50 years of business.

With this acquisition, Came will be the market benchmark and will continue to create local innovation.

For more information, please contact or call +39 0444 488282.