Thu 8 Feb, join the webinar, Industrialisation of the synchronous and asynchronous stator: from design to implementation

17 January 2024

The webinar “Industrialisation of the synchronous and asynchronous stator: from design to implementation”, organised by the Electric Motor Engineering magazine, will be held at 14:30 on Thu 8 Feb 2024.

The technical webinar on the topic of synchronous and asynchronous stator industrialisation will be held by Fabrizio Bardelli, the R&D expert responsible for technological and product development at Came.

What is the webinar about?
The main topic will be analysing the path between stator design, including co-design with the customer, and its industrial implementation and production, following the challenges, complexities, solutions, and market trends.

The webinar will focus on industrialisation from a technological perspective, and Fabrizio Bardelli will talk about the pros and cons of winding design solutions and the difference between distributed and concentrated windings in the most relevant solutions on the market today.

Based on Came’s experience in management, quality, R&D, manufacturing and logistics, viewers of this webinar will learn how to plan product industrialisation properly in a complex and evolving market that needs an attentive observer capable of sharing solutions, best practices, experiences and innovations with its customers.

What will our R&D expert talk about?
– The technological and design pros and cons in choosing distributed and concentrated windings
– The advantages and disadvantages of the two winding types from an industrial process, processing and materials perspective
– Characteristics, merits and shortcomings of distributed windings
– The advantages and disadvantages of using concentrated windings

The webinar will be open to everyone.


Speaker: Fabrizio Bardelli
Webinar duration: 1 hour
Language: English

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