The new Came portal

2 March 2020

The five Cs of good communication: clarity, completeness, conciseness, concreteness and correctness.

Good company communication is not only important when making initial contact with business partners, but must be considered periodically, changed and implemented every day.

The web portal is taking on an increasingly important role among the new tools for communication and interaction between business partners.

The institutional website, to which we have become accustomed, is now supported by a portal, which is mainly intended for the purpose of sharing and providing customised access. It gathers information that is relevant to the user’s context to facilitate interaction between companies.

Came activated its customer portal in 2018 as part of an innovative business vision and to consolidate business partnerships.

The Came portal is a window onto internal operations, offering users a real-time update on the progress of their activities.
– Created with very clear graphics for fast and very intuitive consultation;
– Use can be adapted to the type of user, selecting just one or several sections of interest;
– The tool undergoes continuous improvement and expansion, thanks to the internal work of our EDP department, which collects suggestions resulting from the experiences of our partners.

And soon it will become even more interactive, allowing die-cast material to be booked from the catalogue after consulting the just-in-time stock and availability of any similar items ready for delivery.

Came confirms the attitude that makes it a transparent and innovative business partner aiming for continuous service improvement through continuous interaction with its contacts and the market.

Article by:
Chiara Tullini
Back-office sales manager
+39 0444 488282