Partnership, Came’s calling

15 July 2019

We often hear the word Partnership, but what does it really mean?

It is an alliance between two different organizations, characterized by common or complementary projects, advantageous to all. All too often, it is used to describe a privileged relationship between customer-supplier, in a somewhat detrimental way to the actual meaning of the word.

Over the years, Came has always made Customer involvement a vital part of its processes, sharing skills and work systems, developing collaboration to form a Partnership.

Focusing our energy on the central role played by the Customer, we always take the greatest care to cater for the needs of the interlocutor, offering a notably diversified and dedicated service to establish their specific needs as precisely as possible, in order to create value for all parties involved. Our partnerships offer the best possible service solutions: from the product, thanks to modern machines being continuously updated, to research and development services, brake testing on a test bench, consignment stock, and forward-looking management, to innovations such as die-cast X-ray booths and BLDC windings.

Our Partners can:

  • Obtain and use resources they wouldn’t otherwise have access to
  • Economise/cut costs
  • Share experiences and procedures
  • Benefit from a stable long-term relationship with a reliable partner
  • Improve results and increase customer satisfaction

With our Partners, we establish needs and define the rules to follow, for the greatest transparency. In order for sharing to be effective, it is important to understand what all those involved want, and undertake a project that has been defined together, with everyone doing their part. Otherwise, it would be unthinkable to allocate investments and dedicate resources to research into optimization, new inventions and solutions..

A few years ago, we started collaborating with a European customer: their initial request was to produce a winding and fit it to the customer’s casing. Unfortunately, there were various non-compliance type problems with the materials used by the customer’s supplier, and this made it impossible to go into production and supply the required quantities in time. Thanks to the synergy in our die-casting division, we were able to design a mould that improved the casing, cast it and supply the finished, painted product. With our windings’ division, which revised also the fitting process, we were able to provide a fully comprehensive service, guaranteeing continuity for our Customer and meeting their requirements to the full. To reach these goals, close collaboration between internal functions is essential.

Part of my job as back-office manager is to participate in the coordination of the various phases of the processes involved in creating a bespoke service.

Thanks to this approach, every day we develop, continuously learning new skills: owners, managers and department heads dedicated to the growth and in particular to the development of cross-competences, essential for getting the most out of individual professional skills.

This is how Came creates added value throughout its structure, continuing to be a solid and reliable point of reference with its Partners, who continue to grow with us.

Article by:
Chiara Tullini
Back-office sales manager
+39 0444 488282