Utility and benefits of X-ray analysis in the die casting process

20 May 2019

A competitive foundry cannot but be an innovative foundry, highly focussed on efficiency and quality: these are the principles in which Came believes and on which it bases development in its die-casting division.

Today, die-castings are used in a very broad range of applications, which by definition impose increasingly stringent structural and mechanical performance specifications on the castings.

The die-casting process, however, has a congenital downside: the more or less diffuse presence of porosity in the workpieces, which has a significant effect on their quality, reducing mechanical strength and pressure-tightness, and preventing heat treatments.
Such defects can be grouped into the following macro-families:

  • Shrinkage porosity: Macro-porosity, micro-porosity
  • Gas porosity: Gas in solution, Gas entrapment during filling, binder breakdown

In order to guarantee the structural quality of the casting, resulting in increased performance, it is essential to check the internal structure of the part using a specific analysis: X-rays.

These are an invisible form of electromagnetic energy featuring short wavelengths and high energy, which are projected toward the part to be analysed. The electromagnetic wave passes through the casting and ends its travel in an electric sensor, from which it is possible to obtain a digital projection of the X-rays. In these detectors, the X-ray energy is converted directly into an electrical signal, which is digitized into an image. Dedicated software then optimizes and analyses the image.

Came offers its customers modern X-ray analysis equipment that can scan products with dimensions up to ø 700 × H 1200 mm. All production items can be checked using a frequency that can be varied according to the technical requirements and product type. The scans obtained are then analysed by dedicated software and saved in a database so that they are available to be used by the stakeholders.

Article by:
Alberto Carallo
Expert in Aluminium Die-Casting
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