Our BrushLess Direct Current (BLDC) services are presented in our new video

14 January 2019

The challenge to achieve greater energy efficiency is leading many manufacturers to evaluate the use of windings for synchronous motors with permanent magnets, called BLDC – Brushless Direct Current.

For this reason we are pleased to present the new video which describes in detail Came BLDC:

– Came BrushLess Direct Current (BLDC) stator production;
– IE4 Super Premium Efficiency as the highest efficiency level of the electric motors;
– BLDC applications: Electric cars, E-bikes, Industrial fans, Consumer washing machines;
– Came BLDC services: Feasibility studies, Co-design, Part prototyping, Windings, Connections, Testing;
– Came BLDC future.

With this important investment, we want to support our customers in the development, prototyping, and production of these increasingly requested products.

You can also see it on the Came Youtube channel.

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