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21 January 2019

A proper foundry management to be “winning” in a field of constantly changing economic contexts, shall focus on territorial quality, social welfare, and competitiveness.

Competitiveness is linked to the following aspects:

1) Strategic management and the requirements of “ethical theory”;

2) Cost and plant management efficiency;

3) Flexibility and adaptability to different market conditions:
a. increasing export share;
b. internationalization paths;
c. continual shift towards products with high added value;

4) Energy and labor costs in line with those of other large industrial countries in Europe;

5) Professionalism of all employees involved;

6) Ability to be an essential part of the circular economy, becoming a large “recycling machine” (more than 70% reuse of scrap and recycled material).

It was also found that it is necessary to take on the new challenges by joining a choral strategy, with common responses across the various levels that make up the supply chain of the production sector.

In other terms, the subject which creates value is no longer the company, but the supply chain that is part of a system in which there is new market and work distribution.

Only the interaction between the supplier, foundry and customer creates new ideas, investments and an overall view of the system.

Therefore, in the current industrial context, foundries are increasingly taking on a strategic role as suppliers of systems and finished components, and are no longer simply manufacturers of rough aluminum castings.

For the customer, the foundry is increasingly the leader of a supply chain and network of companies and centres of expertise that are widely complementary and interdisciplinary. A competitive foundry shall be an innovative foundry, highly focussed on efficiency and quality.

In this complex competitive context, Came aspires to a position of excellence as a supplier of technically complex components being part of an international market.

Also, to expand our value proposition, partnerships have been created with leading industrial companies in order to expand the portfolio of services offered to our customers.

Today, Came is your partner, able to provide not only die-cast aluminium components but especially the know-how to industrialise your ideas and create the value chain needed to achieve the finished component.

Article by:
Alberto Carallo
Expert in Aluminium Die-Casting
+39 0444 488282