Brake test bench at the customers’ service

31 July 2019

Customer Service, today more than ever, for us has become something of a company philosophy. Understanding the customers’ needs, with a strategic vision for the future, means Came is continuously evolving.

Over the last decade, there have been significant regulatory and structural changes in the electric motor market. The difficulties in finding the right compromise between technical requirements and commercial need have often limited performance: this can involve research into custom cut sections, with the consequent production requirements, the choice of special rolled sections that can be hard to obtain and, last but not least, implementing technical activities that are extremely long and often not in line with market availability.

This is where we come in: specialists in windings, but above all promoters of innovation and technical solutions with the lowest possible economic impact. We purchased two brake test benches for this project: supporting our customers in design and prototyping, providing innovative solutions suitable for production with fully automated machines.

Our goal: to construct solid foundations for the future. In other words, an innovative product that makes use of existing technology.

Here are just some of our services:
– Studying new products
– Bench testing, to provide performance curves
– Analysis of motor behaviour in the case of problems reported by the customer
– Study to convert a custom motor to an IEC version
– Optimization of a motor to meet continuous requests for greater performance in terms of efficiency

In short, a vast range of services so Came can do everything required to find the most cost-effective solution that offers the best technical performance.

We remain at your disposal for any further information you might require. My colleague Mr Bardelli (R&D), our technical staff, led by my colleague Mr Cattazzo, and I will be happy to provide you with any further assistance you need.

Article by:
Cinzia Fontana
Windings division sales manager
+39 0444 488282