The values of the Came team: teamwork, expertise, sharing, comparison, trust, responsibility

12 May 2022

Help each other and respect each other, be a team, meet challenges for the good of the company and our customers.

I’m starting this article with what in my opinion is one of Came’s most important values, which represents the human value of our company more than any other: collaboration and group spirit.

The current historical period puts us under strain and stress every day, and risks pushing us toward individualism, loneliness and selfishness. We at Came believe that the team adds value to achieve any goal and grow continually in the market.

Why did Came decide to focus on the team?  What are the benefits?

  • Teamwork allows a continuous exchange of information, knowledge and expertise.
  • Circular expertise is a key aspect in measuring the value of any company.
  • At Came, there are frequent moments in which company departments and the different roles within them can share and align with each other.
  • Comparing ideas and points of view helps identify the best solutions to problems so that the team can implement them much faster and more effectively. It also allows the decisions taken to be shared, resulting in greater professional motivation.

With circular expertise and sharing of ideas, we accomplish projects and developments that are more complete, richer and of greater strategic value.

The awareness of being a competent and close team is fundamental. Extending individual responsibilities to the whole team and distributing activities in a clear and homogeneous manner reduces our working pressure and allows us to efficiently and effectively achieve company goals.

The mission of creating a lasting relationship of trust and partnership with our customers is primarily pursued internally by maintaining and developing a relationship of trust between colleagues and between departments. The resulting internal partnership is the reason why none of us in Came feel alone, but part of a winning team, ready to face the challenges that await us in our future together.

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Human Resources Manager, Came
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