Interview with Giandomenico Corato, production manager of Came Die-Casting

19 Maggio 2022

In view of the Euroguss 2022 trade fair, we interviewed Giandomenico Corato, die-casting production manager of Came Die-Casting, on the topics of production, team and company growth.

What aspects of die-casting production have grown significantly in recent years?
In recent years, at Came Die-Casting we have grown significantly both through the path we have embarked on with IATF 16949 in relation to production organisation, and with the introduction of the lean production system, which has dramatically improved downtime and analysis of production improvement measures. The work on training and team organisation is also an important aspect, with the introduction of a production strategy for process improvement.

How important is personnel training and what benefits does it bring to production organisation?
Involving people in production organisation and training new employees is a fundamental part of Came Die-Casting’s philosophy. We have therefore created a production strategy system based on personnel responsibility, production process improvement and customer service. This strategy is implemented continually and in every production activity.

Which solutions enabled more than 50% volume growth from 2020 to 2021?  What factors made this possible?
There are three main success factors:

  • Improving construction of new dies by adopting detailed analysis to improve machine set-up times
  • Investments to improve production, such as the new production layout and the purchase of a new 560 TON Industry 4.0 island
  • Initiating the path to compliance with the IATF 16949 Management System, which reinforces our quality standards

What strategic aspects are you working on for the future?
For the future, we are focusing on five key aspects:

  • Improving construction of new dies by adopting detailed analysis to improve machine set-up times
  • Continuous improvement of equipment such as dies and shears through an analysis plan
  • Improving the parts warehouse to speed up production and minimise downtime
  • Improving productive islands to give them better performance
  • Continual improvement of the working environment and sustainability through ECOVADIS projects, and ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications


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Giandomenico Corato
Production manager of Came Die-Casting
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