The benefits of the new Came Die-Casting 2021 plant

20 Aprile 2021

We have redesigned the new layout of the Came Die-Casting plant to support our customers’ needs: delivery speed and operational flexibility.

In expanding the plant, we have prioritised the logistics aspect to speed up loading and unloading and improve operational efficiency. To do this, we expanded and improved the die storage and maintenance part to increase operational flexibility and provide an ad-hoc die management service.

With this new layout, we have two next-generation 4.0 smelting furnaces that allow us to manage multiple alloys efficiently and increase production capacity.
We have distributed the press areas with robots to improve product unloading automation and make it easier to recover production waste with a focus on sustainability.

We have achieved the goals we set ourselves in 2020 and, for 2022, we want to achieve new sustainability goals for our human and production processes.

Article by:
Cristian Chilese
Managing Director, Head of Marketing and Communications
+39 0444 488282