The importance of growing your staff

18 September 2019

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young, and open.”
Henry Ford

There are many famous quotations about education, but what does this have to do with businesses? Surely, the education of our staff and managers is the responsibility of schools, who have to mould them and prepare them to step into the workplace, when a position arises.

But is that really the case? I’m not talking about whether or not schools are doing their jobs: we could start a lengthy debate on that subject without ever reaching common ground. What I mean is, could buying people “ready-made” from the marketplace really be the best way of finding a good manager? Can a new entry join your company and really be ready for the role? It would be wonderful, but it isn’t like that.

Every role within a company requires a huge number of skills; some of them are more technical, and can potentially be inherited from other jobs or from school, while others are more wide-ranging, such as knowledge of the company and its credo, how it deals with problems, what its practices are, how it handles meetings, and so on. In short, each company has its own lifeblood; the sales office in one organisation will never be the same as its counterpart in another. The same goes for purchasing departments, technical divisions and so on.

When a manager joins your company, you need to start from the assumption that he or she knows nothing about the company, nor about the colleagues they will be working with. What can we say on this point? Best results call for total cooperation. How can people work well together if they don’t know who they are dealing with, what they like, and what annoys them?

Ultimately, in-house training would seem to be extremely important for newcomers; they have to put themselves on an equal footing as the colleagues already at the company or for those who are growing in order to take on more important positions.

Came firmly believes that investing in the training of its managers will yield the best results. Properly-trained managers bring added value to every area of the business. Once again this year, our entire managerial team is engaged in a multi-level training programme. The results of this are already evident: the more they grow, the stronger they become. The stronger the managers, the stronger the company.

This is what we believe in and I can assure you that, as Director General, seeing my managers grow together gives me a great sense of teamwork and unity, because everything we do strengthens the team. With a well-trained, cohesive team, there’s no challenge we can’t face.

Until next time. Enjoy your training!

Article by:
Stefano Rossato
General Manager of Came
+39 0444 488282