Our new services for BrushLess Direct Current wound stators

27 September 2023

Current market demands for more efficient motors with smaller footprints and greater power densities have led our customers to use BrushLess Direct Current stators.

At Came, we have invested in R&D in order to provide customers with a range of services from prototyping to mass production:

Prototyping: from an idea to prototype development

At this stage, we assist the customer with co-design during design to define the product in terms of feasibility starting from a project idea or from a prototype that has not been finalised. The Came team suggests changes to the product so that it can actually be industrialised and therefore enter commercial production.

Product industrialisation: from prototype to mass production

At this initial stage of mass production, Came can support the customer with three production lines. Two lines are equipped with needle machines for compact cut off products. The third line has a spindle machine for small to medium stators. A fourth line with a spindle machine for medium to large stators will be operational by the end of the year.

Product optimisation

Product optimisation serves to bring the customer savings and to improve Came’s production capacity in a win-win approach. Came analyses a finished product stator and applies its know-how to suggest technical improvements to the product and production so that the customer can benefit from cost-savings.

Supply Chain

Came’s experience has led to the creation of a supply chain that extends form raw material procurement up to production of the finished stator. Together with our partners, Came can guarantee number of services, including laser cutting, insulation, prototype dies, final dies, and partners for electromechanical dimensioning.

Our Engineering and Research and Development departments are at your disposal to answer any technical questions or for product development.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details or requests.
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