Development of the human capital in Came

23 Giugno 2022

The international market poses a significant challenge to companies in relation to competitiveness. This makes it necessary to implement a business strategy oriented towards innovation and internationalisation of skills.

Came will not be caught off guard and has prepared an annual training plan that is in line with the main market trends. In fact, the company is always ready to meet market challenges, and innovation and internationalisation are at the core of the 2022 training strategy.

Digital innovation means integrating increasingly advanced computer systems into our work, and training personnel on these systems is the basis for using them correctly and making the most of all their available features and potential. At the same time, Came is investing in innovating working processes by analysing where operating flows can be updated and improved, and identifying which methodologies and tools are the most appropriate to adopt.

Regarding internationalisation, training courses on international managerial skills and language training are planned for 2022. Specifically, Came will invest in the language skills of its personnel on a large scale, with particular focus on the resources who communicate with our international customers and suppliers on a daily basis. The investment will not be limited to English, but in some cases language skills in German and Spanish will also be enhanced.

There will also be continuous training to update work-related expertise, especially with a view to inter-departmental interchangeability within the company, and training on the Safety, Environment and Quality management systems used in the company.
Came’s focus on the quality of its products and customer service remains a cornerstone for which there is always investment in external training and internal support.

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Human Resources Manager, Came
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