A new milestone for the Came Portal

28 June 2023

In 2018, we introduced the Came Portal to provide our customers with a free sharing tool that is customised to the user’s context to facilitate and strengthen partnership relationships.

Since then, the portal has acquired several additional functions, including just in time stock control, order status, transport documents, availability of similar products ready for delivery and the new function to check for the customer’s missing packages in the Came warehouse.

All of these services are now appreciated, with more than 2000 accesses annually by customers using the Came Portal to communicate directly with the company and access relevant information easily without any help.

The aim of improving the Came Portal will continue, thanks to the work of our EDP team, which will constantly collect suggestions from our partners to improve the portal services.

If you are a Came customer and want to access the Came Portal, just write an email to the back office to receive your free login: