Interview with Giovanna Pieropan, new assistant in the Came Customer Service team

26 July 2023

We want to welcome Giovanna Pieropan, who is joining the Came Customer Service team with Chiara Tullini, Antonella Gromeneda, Giusy Battilana and Sofia Zarantonello.

Giovanna has considerable long-term commercial experience with a strong attitude to problem solving, and with this short interview we want to delve into her knowledge.

What is your experience in customer service?

I started this work almost 20 years ago, in a medium-sized mechanical business, where I had the opportunity to build my all-round national and international experience.

This enormous opportunity allowed me to learn the logic, and the administrative and logistics processes that develop within companies, the dynamics needed to establish and maintain a stable and loyal relationship with customers.

What are the strengths of Came’s customer service?

There are certainly several, but one that stands out is the fact that Came is an important, structured business that is attentive enough to its customers to create a dedicated Customer Service department to support them and give concrete answers at all times.

Defining a customer portfolio and assigning it to a Customer Assistant is certainly a plus because it gives the customer a contact person, a stable reference point with whom to establish a long-lasting and loyal relationship.

The versatility and multitasking that distinguish my colleagues are also benefits when handling customers from a wide range of perspectives.

What do you think will make good customer service in the future?

Based on the assumption that customer service is the connection point between the company, meaning its operating core, and customers, customer service needs to increasingly develop the ability to mediate, manage and dialogue with all internal bodies in order to ensure the customer gets a 100% optimal service.

An ideal customer service is based on good team building, a healthy proactive approach and the ability to listen to customers.

Giovanna Pieropan
Customer Service, Came
+39 0444 488282