The benefits of producing motors without using rare earth elements

3 August 2023

Not using rare earths in electric motors gives companies numerous economic, management and sustainability benefits.

The key benefits for companies are:

  • Having no rare earth elements reduces production costs and therefore the final product cost
  • Allows companies to be more sustainable, given the impact of extracting these materials in terms of CO2 production
  • Reduces procurement problems
  • Reduces problems related to the increase in price of these materials

Today, the market offers several solutions for producing these motors. We describe three of them and summarise their main characteristics:

1. Asynchronous motor with die cast rotor and distributed winding

  • It is a winning solution when these specifications apply: medium efficiency and non-critical power density
  • Does not need electronics for operation


2. Synchronous reluctance motor

  • Ferrite is used in the case of assisted reluctance
  • Excellent power density
  • High efficiency
  • Can be used at high temperatures
  • Easy management during assembly
  • Needs electronics


3. Synchronous motor with wound rotor

  • Does not use magnets
  • Excellent power density
  • High efficiency
  • Needs electronics
  • Powered via brushes

Thanks to its know-how and partnerships, Came can currently support customers to find the most effective and beneficial motor solution in terms of efficiency, power density and cost.

Article by:
Fabrizio Bardelli
Came Research and Development Expert
+39 0444 488282