The impact of EU regulations on electric motor design

9 May 2024

Compliance with European energy efficiency regulations has significantly influenced the design and performance of industrial products, especially in the electric motor sector.

We at Came are at the heart of this radical transformation, which is driven by increasing demand for sustainability and efficiency dictated by the EU and has influenced electric motor design.

Through its services, Came can offer the optimal electric motor design solution in terms of performance and production costs for each of the current and future regulations:

Three-phase windings

Initially, efficiency regulations applied to three-phase motors, which have been completely redesigned to meet the required IE3 standards. This process involved a comprehensive review of dimensions and component configurations to optimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Single-phase windings

Recently, the introduction of efficiency class IE2 (IEC 61800-9) for single-phase motors followed a similar path. These motors are undergoing significant changes in size and performance, reflecting our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability. The aim is clearly to minimize energy consumption and maximize operating efficiency.

The new IE4 standard

With EU Regulation 2019/1781, three-phase motors with powers under 75 kW will have to adhere to efficiency class IE4 in the European market, making the EU the first market to impose this standard for certain motor types.

The IE4 standard will in some cases lead to significant design choices with the introduction of permanent magnet and/or reluctance rotors in synchronous motors. This is to the detriment of asynchronous motors, which will not always be able to achieve these efficiency levels.

Stay ahead of the regulations

By upgrading motors early, our customers will be ready for the market while benefiting from long-term energy savings, which is essential given the importance of energy costs in the overall life cycle of electric motors.

In this sense, Came is already ready to respond to any request to improve the efficiency of our customers’ products.

Article by:
Cinzia Fontana
Sales Manager
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