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The importance of growing your staff

18 September 2019

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young, and open.”
Henry Ford

There are many famous quotations about education, but what does this have to do with businesses? Surely, the education of our staff and managers is the responsibility of schools, who have to mould them and prepare them to step into the workplace, when a position arises.

But is that really the case? I’m not talking about whether or not schools are doing their jobs: we could start a lengthy debate on that subject without ever reaching common ground. What I mean is, could buying people “ready-made” from the marketplace really be the best way of finding a good manager? Can a new entry join your company and really be ready for the role? It would be wonderful, but it isn’t like that.

Every role within a company requires a huge number of skills; some of them are more technical, and can potentially be inherited from other jobs or from school, while others are more wide-ranging, such as knowledge of the company and its credo, how it deals with problems, what its practices are, how it handles meetings, and so on. In short, each company has its own lifeblood; the sales office in one organisation will never be the same as its counterpart in another. The same goes for purchasing departments, technical divisions and so on.

When a manager joins your company, you need to start from the assumption that he or she knows nothing about the company, nor about the colleagues they will be working with. What can we say on this point? Best results call for total cooperation. How can people work well together if they don’t know who they are dealing with, what they like, and what annoys them?

Ultimately, in-house training would seem to be extremely important for newcomers; they have to put themselves on an equal footing as the colleagues already at the company or for those who are growing in order to take on more important positions.

Came firmly believes that investing in the training of its managers will yield the best results. Properly-trained managers bring added value to every area of the business. Once again this year, our entire managerial team is engaged in a multi-level training programme. The results of this are already evident: the more they grow, the stronger they become. The stronger the managers, the stronger the company.

This is what we believe in and I can assure you that, as Director General, seeing my managers grow together gives me a great sense of teamwork and unity, because everything we do strengthens the team. With a well-trained, cohesive team, there’s no challenge we can’t face.

Until next time. Enjoy your training!

Article by:
Stefano Rossato
General Manager of Came
+39 0444 488282

Partnership, Came’s calling

15 July 2019

We often hear the word Partnership, but what does it really mean?

It is an alliance between two different organizations, characterized by common or complementary projects, advantageous to all. All too often, it is used to describe a privileged relationship between customer-supplier, in a somewhat detrimental way to the actual meaning of the word.

Over the years, Came has always made Customer involvement a vital part of its processes, sharing skills and work systems, developing collaboration to form a Partnership.

Focusing our energy on the central role played by the Customer, we always take the greatest care to cater for the needs of the interlocutor, offering a notably diversified and dedicated service to establish their specific needs as precisely as possible, in order to create value for all parties involved. Our partnerships offer the best possible service solutions: from the product, thanks to modern machines being continuously updated, to research and development services, brake testing on a test bench, consignment stock, and forward-looking management, to innovations such as die-cast X-ray booths and BLDC windings.

Our Partners can:

  • Obtain and use resources they wouldn’t otherwise have access to
  • Economise/cut costs
  • Share experiences and procedures
  • Benefit from a stable long-term relationship with a reliable partner
  • Improve results and increase customer satisfaction

With our Partners, we establish needs and define the rules to follow, for the greatest transparency. In order for sharing to be effective, it is important to understand what all those involved want, and undertake a project that has been defined together, with everyone doing their part. Otherwise, it would be unthinkable to allocate investments and dedicate resources to research into optimization, new inventions and solutions..

A few years ago, we started collaborating with a European customer: their initial request was to produce a winding and fit it to the customer’s casing. Unfortunately, there were various non-compliance type problems with the materials used by the customer’s supplier, and this made it impossible to go into production and supply the required quantities in time. Thanks to the synergy in our die-casting division, we were able to design a mould that improved the casing, cast it and supply the finished, painted product. With our windings’ division, which revised also the fitting process, we were able to provide a fully comprehensive service, guaranteeing continuity for our Customer and meeting their requirements to the full. To reach these goals, close collaboration between internal functions is essential.

Part of my job as back-office manager is to participate in the coordination of the various phases of the processes involved in creating a bespoke service.

Thanks to this approach, every day we develop, continuously learning new skills: owners, managers and department heads dedicated to the growth and in particular to the development of cross-competences, essential for getting the most out of individual professional skills.

This is how Came creates added value throughout its structure, continuing to be a solid and reliable point of reference with its Partners, who continue to grow with us.

Article by:
Chiara Tullini
Back-office sales manager
+39 0444 488282 Came, from father to son: when the generation pass means growth

24 May 2019

We are pleased to announce the article Came, from father to son: when the generation pass means growth published on 8 May 2019.

The generational shift is a crucial moment in the life of a company in order to ensure the continuity and development of the company itself.

This means thinking of the good of the company, which benefits from the mix of experience and fresh young ideas, as explained by Came’s founder and father, Lino Chilese who was also fortunate to have two sons, Cristian and Matteo, that have decided to take part of the Came board together with the general manager Stefano Rossato.

This growth has been also possible thanks to the path we have taken with Cassiopea, in which I am involved with my children, the general manager and the company’s area managers “, explains Lino.

You can read the entire article here.

Happy Easter 2019 from Came!

18 April 2019

Easter means renewal and trust in the path we are taking.

Per Came is a significance of every day.

It is what we do and what we offer to customers through our products and services.

Happy Easter from Came!

Corriere Imprese Nordest: Came and the importance of the global value chain

10 April 2019

We are pleased to announce a new article published on Corriere Imprese Nordest on 11 March 2019.

Thanks to the next-shoring strategy, as described in the article, Came has focused on the 3 most important factors for its development:

– The proximity to the markets;
– The availability of resources (material, human and relational) to feed the innovation processes;
– The local network of qualified suppliers.

The focus on the importance of the global value chain has made Came the largest electric motor winding in Europe, integrated with die-casting.

This is also confirmed with recent investments to achieve more energy efficient windings and sustainable mobility.

The importance of an integrated customer-supplier chain

28 March 2019

Since the 2009 crisis, the metalworking market has become increasingly frenetic and fragmented. The huge stocks that customers were used to keeping, so they could respond promptly to market demand, have been slashed to free up liquidity.

Although the market has since returned to pre-crisis levels, the way that warehouse stocks are managed has changed irreversibly. Stock management is obviously fertile ground for efficiency improvements. For many manufacturing companies, stocks are the major part of their working capital, and stock management incorporates various types of cost: implicit costs such as the financial price of stocked goods, and explicit costs such as handling, storage and obsolescence risk.

Initially, consignment stock contracts were used, but that merely shifted the financial commitment from the customer to the supplier.

What is a consignment stock contract?

With this type of agreement, the supplier agrees to keep a pre-defined volume of stocks on the customer’s premises. The goods remain the property of the supplier until the customer picks them to use in production, or to sell. Obviously, in this way the implicit costs are passed to the supplier, while the explicit costs remain the responsibility of the customer.

This solution offers advantages for the customer, who can free up financial resources for other uses, and from the supplier’s point of view, it creates a partnership bond with the customer. However, it is a rather inflexible solution, which is excellent for steady-selling products, but may not be suitable for goods whose consumption fluctuates widely over time. In the case of stocks that are likely to decrease, it is possible that market demand will not be met at peak times, whereas stocks that are likely to increase will immobilise capital, and increase the risk of obsolescence. Where the trend remains more or less stable, all that is needed is periodic stock recalibration. The VMI was created to make this system more flexible.

A Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a system that gives the supplier all the information they need to set the stock level at any given time. In other words, the supplier has a computer linked to the customer, and can see the sales data or forecasts for the future.This gives the supplier a clear view of the expected trends, so they can increase or reduce the stocks accordingly.

As the supplier is connected to the operating systems, they can save the work of uploading orders. Also, by following the trends, stock levels can be adapted more precisely to fit requirements, so the amount of immobilised capital is lower. The drawback is that each customer has a different system and so the integration needs to be designed specifically in each case. It is a system that requires great customer loyalty. Integration systems involving manual data entry on the website of either party actually lose much of the advantage of this solution.
Came offers its most loyal customers different solutions to fulfil their needs:

  • Forecasting contracts for the purchase of unfinished stators to reduce the lead time of total throughput
  • Came stock holding contracts, which reduce the lead time to packaging and transport only
  • Consignment stock contracts where stocks are held with customers, eliminating the lead time
  • VMI consignment stock contracts for perfect synchronisation of the stock configuration system

We currently have about 20 stock management contracts with our customers. The solutions are working very well with smaller customers, and also with large international groups.
We are convinced that this is the way forward. Our customers can only benefit from supply chain integration. Our business idea is a win-win policy, where the supplier works with the customer to find the best way to jointly serve the market.

Article by:
Stefano Rossato
General Manager of Came
+39 0444 488282

Came Services

25 March 2019

Came offers a wide range of services to meet customer needs with customized solutions for all electric motors components.
This led Came to expand production and offer a 360-degree service, in particular:

1. Came Die-Casting Services:
– Die-Casting by Came
– Custom Die Casting Came

2. Came Winding Services:
– Came Insertion Service
– Came Connection Service
– Came Test Service
– Came Impregnation Service

3. Came Custom Assembly Service

4. Came Mechanical Processing Service

5. Came Research and Development Service

6. Came Just-in-Time Service

7. Came Merchandise Service In Deposit

The aim of Came Services is to build a close collaboration with the customer, trying to respond to the particular needs of each market in a dynamic and flexible way.
For any information on Came Services contact or the number +39 04 444 88282.

Interview with Emanuele Cenzato, the head of the die-casting division of Came

26 February 2019

We are pleased to introduce Emanuele Cenzato, the head of the die-casting division of Came.

Emanuele Cenzato, the person known in the world of Italian Die Casting, has been a consultant for numerous national foundries. With extensive experience in design and foundry optimization, he also gained experience in the automotive sector.

Came has entrusted Cenzato with important corporate objectives in terms of technical sales support and internal growth. Emanuele Cenzato was an important and strategic choice for Came characterized by the desire to count on the one hand, on a consolidated managerial experience and, on the other, on the sure ability to accompany and guide the company’s processes and improvements in terms of the evolution of the foundry division in progress.

How has die-casting changed in the last decade?

In recent years the world of die-casting had an important development. The technology has improved and the presses and systems have become increasingly sophisticated and intelligent. The constancy of the processes is assured and well controlled. New aluminum alloys have been developed that allow the construction of pressure casting jets of a complex shape and with excellent mechanical characteristics. Features that are enhanced by the possibility of these alloys to undergo heat treatments.

What is the future of die-casting?

Softwares that are developed allow us to design the mold without errors because they give the possibility to see virtually what will happen in real production. We can do the simple simulation of the filling of the mold cavity, the simulation of the mold itself in working with parameters and temperatures and the evaluation of the deformation that the jet undergoes during extraction. Thanks to this, die-cast aluminum has replaced other heavier materials, such as steel and cast iron, in many applications.

How will die-casting affect the automotive industry?

The automotive industry, for example, has significantly increased the use of aluminum in several of its components. This allowed a significant reduction in weight and therefore fuel consumption. For some time, thanks to the use of special alloys, structural parts of the automobile or vehicles, in general, are also produced in die-casting.

How should Came customers prepare for changes?

The quality die-casting therefore has an important future: Came believes in it and is structuring itself for this. The machinery and plants are all of the latest generations and the technical staff is made up of engineers and experienced staff. Customers find in Came a reliable, capable and highly qualified partner able to solve any problem.

Came is defined by CUOA as the most Japanese company in the Valle del Chiampo

31 January 2019

We are pleased to announce a new article published on the website n.49 of 14 January 2019 where Came has been defined as the most Japanese company in the Valle del Chiampo.

Thanks to good administration and an excellent financial situation, profits have always been reinvested in the company.

Came invests and believes in the managerial and organizational growth of its staff. The Lean philosophy is an important reference for the whole company.

An interesting aspect of this case,as explained in the article, is that the growth took place in a mature market (windings and components for electric motors) and by maintaining the position in the business to business chain.

This strategy has made Came the largest electric motor winding in Europe, integrated with die-casting.

You can read the article here.

Came Aluminium Die-Casting, your one-stop shop

21 January 2019

A proper foundry management to be “winning” in a field of constantly changing economic contexts, shall focus on territorial quality, social welfare, and competitiveness.

Competitiveness is linked to the following aspects:

1) Strategic management and the requirements of “ethical theory”;

2) Cost and plant management efficiency;

3) Flexibility and adaptability to different market conditions:
a. increasing export share;
b. internationalization paths;
c. continual shift towards products with high added value;

4) Energy and labor costs in line with those of other large industrial countries in Europe;

5) Professionalism of all employees involved;

6) Ability to be an essential part of the circular economy, becoming a large “recycling machine” (more than 70% reuse of scrap and recycled material).

It was also found that it is necessary to take on the new challenges by joining a choral strategy, with common responses across the various levels that make up the supply chain of the production sector.

In other terms, the subject which creates value is no longer the company, but the supply chain that is part of a system in which there is new market and work distribution.

Only the interaction between the supplier, foundry and customer creates new ideas, investments and an overall view of the system.

Therefore, in the current industrial context, foundries are increasingly taking on a strategic role as suppliers of systems and finished components, and are no longer simply manufacturers of rough aluminum castings.

For the customer, the foundry is increasingly the leader of a supply chain and network of companies and centres of expertise that are widely complementary and interdisciplinary. A competitive foundry shall be an innovative foundry, highly focussed on efficiency and quality.

In this complex competitive context, Came aspires to a position of excellence as a supplier of technically complex components being part of an international market.

Also, to expand our value proposition, partnerships have been created with leading industrial companies in order to expand the portfolio of services offered to our customers.

Today, Came is your partner, able to provide not only die-cast aluminium components but especially the know-how to industrialise your ideas and create the value chain needed to achieve the finished component.

Article by:
Alberto Carallo
Expert in Aluminium Die-Casting
+39 0444 488282

Came wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

20 December 2018

Came would like to thank you for sharing with us another year full of innovations and important results.

This year Came demonstrated its strong decision in growth focused on the recent foundry investments, with the creation of a new brand specifically for aluminum die-casting and winding with an important confirmation of the Asynchronous winding and its sectors of application.

Furthermore, the growth in BLDC windings has been important. We are aiming for a strong increase in this business for the next few years.

In 2018, the new website was created with the aim of offering visitors a simpler way to get to know each other and a specific Came Portal for our customers where they can find directly online all the information related to the orders and of interest to customers.

All this aims to stay closer to our customers, as Partners.

It has been a rewarding experience to work with our employees, suppliers and customers.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year full of health, happiness and success.

Distinctive characteristics of aluminium die-casting process

30 November 2018

Innovation is a broad concept that includes many features, among which the material is certainly in a position of primary importance. Nowadays, product innovation is a fundamental theme to be competitive and at the forefront of the global market, which is increasingly complex and challenging.

In this context, producing a component manufactured with a material and a process that allows to obtain an economic advantage, a weight saving, excellent mechanical characteristics, a complex design and a hi-tech look, is certainly a considerable competitive advantage.

The die-casting process is a metal processing technique, in which the aluminum alloy in the liquid state (temperatures above 700°C) is injected at high pressure into a metal mold and allows to obtain components in fast, efficient and with a good degree of finish.

The vastness of components and applications obtainable with the process of aluminum die-casting, is mainly due to the fact that the castings are characterized by specific technological qualities: the lightness that compares it to steel offers a ratio 1/3, the electrical conductivity which is second only to copper, the mechanical characteristics enhanced by the possibility of creating specific alloys, resistance to atmospheric agents, resistance to contact with food and also resistance to corrosion.

The aspects above mentioned explain why die-cast aluminum is used in all the main industrial sectors, from the most sophisticated ones such as aerospace and automotive, to the most common ones such as electromechanics, plumbing, lighting and furniture.

CAME S.p.A proposes itself as a partner, which thanks to state-of-the-art and constantly evolving technologies and skills, is able to support its customers with one of the most used production processes in modern industry.

Article by:
Alberto Carallo
Expert in Aluminium Die-Casting
+39 0444 488282

Il Giornale di Vicenza: Came as the largest electric motor winding in Europe

20 November 2018

We are pleased to inform you that Il Giornale di Vicenza, the most important newspaper of the Vicenza province, has published the interview with Came in the November 7, 2018 edition.

In this article, Came has been defined as the largest electric motor winding in Europe, the activity for which has been added die-casting, making it one of a kind.

Moreover, the founder Lino Chilese, who always remained faithful to his roots, once again confirms that it is possible to grow without relocating his production during the crisis and the Asian economic expansion.

The strategic choice of Came in the last 5 years has been to invest in technology, innovation, human capital and expansion of the production structure that have also been reflected in the increase in turnover.

Thanks to the Lean production, ICT, and management control, introduced by his sons Matteo and Cristian, Came has made significant improvements in IT and business management and has introduced new products such as windings for synchronous motors and low-voltage motors.

You can read the entire article in pdf here.

We invite you to visit our new website

28 October 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website available in both desktop and mobile version.

Our goal is to provide visitors the easier way to learn about Came products, services, and solutions.

In addition to the new design of, we have also refined the product category and menu structure for an enhanced user experience in accessing information.

We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, articles, and news related to the industry and Came in the News section.

We hope you’ll find the new website, with a fresh design and easy to access data, a source of useful information for those who visit it.

We invite you to visit and to let us know your thoughts.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please e-mail us at

Enjoy the visit!

Happy Easter 2018 from Came!

1 April 2018

Easter celebrates new beginnings.

Innovation is about creating new beginnings.

Innovation is a core value for us at Came.

We always aim to offer our clients a new and better way to reach their goals.

This is the essence of our services, our products, and most importantly our clients and our team.

Happy Easter from Came!

Came presented by Eventi Nord Est: Investments in foundry and innovation

19 January 2018

We are pleased to announce the article published in the December 2017 issue of Eventi Nord Est, the exclusive magazine for the Triveneto, an editorial initiative of Gruppo24ORE.

The article describes the success of Came in its 40 years of existence and its strong decision to grow its production that is also reflected in the recent investments in the foundry and new machinery as well as in the creation of the new brand for aluminium die-casting.

Came’s first participation at the EUROGUSS tradeshow in January 2018 demonstrates a further commitment of Came to the die-cast segment.

Read the full article here.

Came wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New 2018!

22 December 2017

Christmas is coming and Came wants to thank you for sharing with us this year full of innovations and important achievements.

The 40th anniversary of Came was a special moment. It is a true example of experience, responsibility, success, and teamwork of our company that we want to cherish for many years to come.

It has been a rewarding experience working with our employees, suppliers, and clients and may this New Year bring forth many pleasant moments for us to share.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

The new brand of Came Aluminium Die-Casting

13 December 2017

Came is the company with considerable experience in the production aluminium alloy die-cast components for electric motors.

Since 2018 Came has decided to invest even more in these activities, which mostly involve customized solutions for third parties. This is also thanks to the constant dedication in responding to the particular needs on the market in a dynamic and flexible way.

To achieve these objectives and to conserve the highest quality, Came has made a significant structural change within the company, creating a young and dynamic team dedicated exclusively to the production of die-cast for third parties.

The new brand and the image of Came Aluminium Die-Casting represent a strong decision and dedication of the company for new developments and perspectives. This project is a conjunction between past and present.

Significant investment was also made from the technological point of view with the increase of robots, presses, and measuring instruments and a new plant, all to increase production capacity.

With this productive, technological and structural upgrade, Came has set itself the goal of being increasingly ready to seize new market opportunities and to be increasingly available alongside its customers.

Celebration of Came 40

27 November 2017

The 40th anniversary of Came was a special moment. It is a true example of experience, responsibility, success and teamwork of our company.

The best way to commemorate such an important achievement is the book Came 40 that assembles the most important facts and company values. This also serves as a memento and an inspiration. The book is available only in digital format and only on Came 40.

For this special occasion, the memorable film has been made with the stories of people of Came, from the charismatic founder Lino Chilese to the loyal employees who worked from the very beginning for and grown together with Came.

Came was also proud to organize two special events to celebrate. Galà dinner for customers, collaborators and partners and the “Open Day” in the company, the event where the Came employees and their families are invited to visit the establishments. Discover exclusive videos and photos of the two events on Came 40.

Came would once again like to thank major collaborators who made this event possible, all the employees, partners and customers who participated in this event and who have always been alongside our company.

Came is celebrating 40 years of success

6 September 2017

Came is celebrating 40 years of success - Came Spa

Founded in 1977, Came was specialized in the production of windings for electric motors, a business that became its synonym.

Over the years and decades the company grew steadily, expanding its production to offer a 360 degree service for all electrical engine components. In 40 years of life and work, Came has become one of the most important companies in its industry. With 250 employees, 5 factories and 26,000 square meters of surface area, Came is able to offer the market the highest quality products and services.

Came pursues an entrepreneurial style based on the experience and tradition of many decades, lives the world around itself, innovating itself and what it does, always trusted because it does it with passion, commitment, seriousness and customer care. All this has been made possible thanks to its founder Lino Chilese who has guided, managed and coordinated the company since its establishment, now affianced by the second generation, with his sons Cristian and Matteo.

To celebrate such an important birthday, on September 9th, Came will have the opportunity to meet customers, collaborators and partners in a Gala dinner organised to celebrate together the first 40 years of the company.

In addition, on September 10th will be organised the “Open Day” in the company, the event where the Came employees and their families are invited, to visit the establishments and to celebrate this important achievement.

These initiatives will be the way to thank all those who have helped in these 40 years to build the company that is today, by collaborating with Came or choosing its products and services.

Came defined by magazine Organi di Trasmissione: For 40 years a benchmark in the production of electric motor components

1 June 2017

Came has the pleasure to announce the article published in the May issue of magazine Organi di Trasmissione, a source of professional technical update for manufacturers and engineers in the field of mechanical power transmission.

In this article, Came is described as “Unique in Europe capable of offering aluminum die-casting and stator stoppers, machining and assembling.”

Came is proud to celebrate the first 40 years of business with an important milestone in terms of revenue and development, thanks to its mission, as stated by the president, Lino Chilese: “First of all, customer service, following customers in technical development, product innovations, and product developments, as well as support them with Made-in-Italy quality solutions.”

“Our approach to die-cast aluminum production – explains CEO, Cristian Chilese – aims to build close and fruitful collaboration with the customer, trying to meet the particular needs of every reality on the market. Dynamically and flexibly “.

Came is also considering a widening in terms of production space that will facilitate the development of new products for new industries, taking care of and taking full account of the total and full support of technical development.

The 40th anniversary represents for Came a stimulus to continue improving and constantly innovating that permits it to play an increasingly prominent role in the field of electric motor components.

The full article on Came can be found on page 54, by clicking here.

Came presented by Metalworking World Magazine: Specialist in the production of electric motor components

24 May 2017

Came is pleased to announce the article published in the May issue of Metalworking World Magazine, the digital magazine for the international metalworking industry.

In this article, Came, that prepares to celebrate the first 40 years of activity, is described as “Unique company in Europe able to offer from aluminium die-casts to wound stators, processing and assembly, consolidating its protagonist role in national and international ambit

This result has been made due to the strategies and targets of constant enlargement for both, die-cast division and windings.

As specified in the article by managing director of Came, Cristian Chilese, Came “has made huge investments to widen the range, especially for the production of low-voltage windings, then widely used in the automotive sector, in electric cars and forklifts and in the wind sector and foundry factory where by the end of 2017 the company will come to 11 production presses.”“.

Came is also equipped for production of windings for DC motors, with independent poles, i.e. BLDC, brushless direct current.

Moreover, Came can offer a full service and support to its clients thanks to its technical assistance and research & development.

To read a full article about Came on pages 58-59, you can click here.

Came extends towards new application sectors

12 September 2016

Came, as a highly specialised company in windings production, produces a wide range of products that can be used in many different sectors, providing unique and innovative solutions to specific requests.

Moreover, Came continuously extends its production range and provide a fully comprehensive service for all components of electric motors: die-casting components, wound stators, rotors with spindle, housed stators with processing, shields, processed flanges, application of terminal board connections, various threading and assembling operations.

Came products have their application in the following sectors:

– Electric motors
– Gears motors
– Pumps
– Motors for boats, electric and hybrid vehicles
– Compressors
– Submergible pumps
– Gate automation
– Cleaning machines
– Forklifts
– Electric wheels
– Wind power and marine industry
– Floor-washers
– Motorcycles and quadricycles
– Rail sector

Came presented by Eventi Nordest for Sole 24 Ore: Forty years of specialization

15 June 2016

Came presented by Eventi Nordest for Sole 24 Ore: Forty years of specialization

We are proud to report that the newspaper Eventi Nordest for Sole 24 Ore has dedicated an article to Came for its forty years of activity, giving it a merit for Veneto excellence in the world for the production of windings, die castings and assemblies of components for electric motors thanks to its forty years of continuous specialization and its high responsiveness to both large and small series.

Here is the full article published in the newspaper Eventi Nordest for Sole 24 Ore.

Came presentata da Eventi Nordest del Sole 24 Ore_ Quarant'anni di specializzione

Came customized services

18 April 2016

As for several years Came has been specialized in manual processing and manufacturing of special motors according to customer design, offering customized solutions, small series, prototypes and great versatility. The range of windings produced by Came is very wide, with a production capacity of 30,000 pieces per day.

Dedicated customer service, the experience and the quality of products, helped Came to stand out for:

– Speed and flexibility in being able to meet the specific needs of the customer.
– Research, Development and Technical Assistance guaranteed for all components.
– Providing design work and technical consultation (aluminium die-casting for development of moulds and contract-work pressing with moulds).

Contact Came by email or by phone +39 04 444 88282.

The new video of Came Die Casting

10 February 2016

Came is pleased to present the new video that describes Came Die Casting in detail.

You can also see it on the Came Youtube channel.

Enjoy the video!

The new Came institutional video on the occasion of Coiltech 2015

23 September 2015

On the occasion of the Coiltech 2015 fair in Pordenone, Came is pleased to present the institutional video that you can see below.

We hope you will enjoy the video and we take this opportunity to invite you to visit us and find more about Came during the Coiltech 2015 fair.

Here are the directions How to find us.