Came Services

25 March 2019

Came offers a wide range of services to meet customer needs with customized solutions for all electric motors components.
This led Came to expand production and offer a 360-degree service, in particular:

1. Came Die-Casting Services:
– Die-Casting by Came
– Custom Die Casting Came

2. Came Winding Services:
– Came Insertion Service
– Came Connection Service
– Came Test Service
– Came Impregnation Service

3. Came Custom Assembly Service

4. Came Mechanical Processing Service

5. Came Research and Development Service

6. Came Just-in-Time Service

7. Came Merchandise Service In Deposit

The aim of Came Services is to build a close collaboration with the customer, trying to respond to the particular needs of each market in a dynamic and flexible way.
For any information on Came Services contact or the number +39 04 444 88282.