Interview with Emanuele Cenzato, the head of the die-casting division of Came

26 February 2019

We are pleased to introduce Emanuele Cenzato, the head of the die-casting division of Came.

Emanuele Cenzato, the person known in the world of Italian Die Casting, has been a consultant for numerous national foundries. With extensive experience in design and foundry optimization, he also gained experience in the automotive sector.

Came has entrusted Cenzato with important corporate objectives in terms of technical sales support and internal growth. Emanuele Cenzato was an important and strategic choice for Came characterized by the desire to count on the one hand, on a consolidated managerial experience and, on the other, on the sure ability to accompany and guide the company’s processes and improvements in terms of the evolution of the foundry division in progress.

How has die-casting changed in the last decade?

In recent years the world of die-casting had an important development. The technology has improved and the presses and systems have become increasingly sophisticated and intelligent. The constancy of the processes is assured and well controlled. New aluminum alloys have been developed that allow the construction of pressure casting jets of a complex shape and with excellent mechanical characteristics. Features that are enhanced by the possibility of these alloys to undergo heat treatments.

What is the future of die-casting?

Softwares that are developed allow us to design the mold without errors because they give the possibility to see virtually what will happen in real production. We can do the simple simulation of the filling of the mold cavity, the simulation of the mold itself in working with parameters and temperatures and the evaluation of the deformation that the jet undergoes during extraction. Thanks to this, die-cast aluminum has replaced other heavier materials, such as steel and cast iron, in many applications.

How will die-casting affect the automotive industry?

The automotive industry, for example, has significantly increased the use of aluminum in several of its components. This allowed a significant reduction in weight and therefore fuel consumption. For some time, thanks to the use of special alloys, structural parts of the automobile or vehicles, in general, are also produced in die-casting.

How should Came customers prepare for changes?

The quality die-casting therefore has an important future: Came believes in it and is structuring itself for this. The machinery and plants are all of the latest generations and the technical staff is made up of engineers and experienced staff. Customers find in Came a reliable, capable and highly qualified partner able to solve any problem.