Team Came's approach to the Covid19 crisis

18 May 2020

During this time of crisis caused by Covid19, Came has adopted a set of extraordinary measures to guarantee the health and safety of all its collaborators. To do this, it has worked on the management and company organisation, with the additional goal of ensuring company operation and continuity of service, above all to provide economic peace of mind and ethics to its collaborators.

Even before the safety protocol for containing the spread of the Virus, dated 14 March 2020, was officially issued, Came acted promptly by implementing strict measures to guarantee the health and safety of its employees.

The company management involved all its managers and workers’ representatives, immediately forming a Covid Committee to be at the front line in order to implement, improve and verify the steps taken to see Came through this emergency.

The main tools adopted by the company to achieve these goals are:
– Information and periodic bulletins for collaborators
– Changes to working hours and shifts
– Use of smart working
– Daily body temperature measurements at the entrance
– Distribution of PPE (masks, gloves)
– Installation of hand sanitizer dispensers
– Specific signs and posters in all company premises
– Changes to internal routes
– Contingent use of toilets, canteens and changing rooms

All of these actions have been supported by the vision and resilience of the Covid team, by continuously monitoring the perception of employees’ mood in production and management, and by the spirit of sacrifice and loyalty of all employees who have strictly observed the protocols that have been verified and approved, including through two visits by the local SPISAL (workplace health and safety prevention service) and by trade union representatives.

Those smiles that were lost for fear and uncertainty in the early days of the emergency, have now returned to the eyes of all collaborators in Came, in the knowledge that Came and its team are present and active during this period.

Article by:
Andrea Dardano
Safety and Environment Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282