Interview with Simona Imperatore, the new Human Resources Manager at Came

27 July 2020

We are pleased to introduce you to Simona Imperatore, the new Human Resources Manager at Came. Simona will be the leader and manager of one of the most important aspects and values that distinguish Came: People. Came has entrusted Simona with important development and management goals for the Came team.

What experience do you have?

I moved to Came following seven years of experience in Human Resources at large companies in the Vicenza area, initially in the metalworking sector and then the tanning sector. During this time, I started with a professional internship and worked up to the role of specialist, with increasing responsibility for human resource search, selection, training and development processes.

What are Came’s strengths?

Today, Came is the link between a family company and a managerial organisation. The company manages to combine personal attention and the air of cooperation that you generally breathe in a family company with the innovation, dynamism and managerial focus typical of a large structured organisation.

Came’s strength derives from a belief in the value of the team and its component people, whose daily contribution helps make the company increasingly competitive. I can’t help but agree with this vision, which allows me to work in an environment that certainly promotes development of existing resources as well as addition of new talent.

How does the talent relate to Came’s innovation?

Because it is young, dynamic, technologically up-to-date, strongly focussed on people and well rooted in the area, Came is an extremely attractive company to young talent with an ambition to join a winning team. Today, prospects for growth, training, quality of life and workplace sustainability are elements that a company must provide, if it wants to attract and retain talent. Came’s investment in human resource management aims to go in precisely this direction.

What is the plan to develop the talent in Came?

In my opinion, every employee is to be regarded as a “customer” whose satisfaction must be the foremost goal of the Human Resources department. Just like an external customer, each employee has different talents, characteristics, needs and expectations. We want to follow them, listen to them and support them fully in their journey through the company. In fact, our attention must be focused both on adding new resources with high potential and on exploiting internal resources, in order to continuously grow and develop the corporate human capital. As well as finding talent and adding it to the company, it is essential to nurture, enhance and motivate the talent to stay in the company and bring the best out of it.

In fact, our high potentials must be in a position to show Came their value. Organising coaching, continuous training and development, and introducing facilities that improve the quality of corporate life are two macro projects through which this goal can be achieved.

Contact us:
Simona Imperatore
Human Resources Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282