Came's 2020 ad campaign in the Electric Motor Engineering magazine

20 April 2020

In 2020, came decided to start its ad campaign with the aim of illustrating its position as a European partner and leader in high-efficiency windings for low-voltage electric drive motors.
The campaign started in Electric Motor Engineering, the most important European engineering magazine in the electric motor market.

Publication started in March 2020 and will continue for another three issues, focussing on the breadth of the sectors using Came windings:

– Automotive
– Wind power
– Handling
– E-bikes
– Transport
– Household appliances

The campaign will continue in September with an interview with the owners of Came, which will discuss strategic aspects on the subject of windings.

Visit this website to read the publication.

Article by:
Cristian Chilese
CEO – Marketing and Communication Manager, Came
+39 0444 488282