Came Spa produces aluminium alloy die-cast components for electric motors, and can provide pressing services on a supply contract basis. We also follow up mould design and production tasks. Our products range from Mec63 to Mec160.
Given its considerable experience in the field, Came Spa is also able to design moulds (through to production) starting out from customer drawings or on the basis of team work to meet all required construction needs.
Our approach, during die-cast production, is to foster close customer-supplier team-work relations. This enables us to dynamically and flexibly tackle all needs arising in all market situations and presented by all players.
Our aim, therefore, is to achieve ‘maximum quality’ by means of our tried and tested, highly professional, organisational resources, which can focus on the various problems as and when these arise.


  • Line for casings with inserted feet Mec 56-160
  • Line for casings with removable feet Mec 56-160
  • Contract-work pressing
  • Job order production of new moulds


  • customized solutions
  • technical and commercial assistance
  • research and development

Production facilities

Robot-assisted die-casting machines