Research, development and technical assistance

• Electrical dimensioning with spreadsheet or Motor-CAD
Cost saving
Product analysis with a view to optimisation and cost reduction
Brake bench testing to characterise and possibly optimise an electric motor, in order to make it more efficient
Testing with a dedicated measurement instrument to check the robustness level of an inverter motor, and improve it if necessary
BLDC Prototyping
Co-design and industrialisation of wound stators for very high-efficiency brushless motors

Die casting co-design

Design and co-design
Design and co-design in partnership with the customer to speed up the design process and support the customer with a turnkey service throughout this stage
Came’s R&D department works with CAD systems and analysis systems with flow simulation (MAGMA, PROCAST)
Mould design and construction
Design and optimisation of documentation for mould and tooling construction

Came portal

A web environment where our customers can find all business and job progress information

Delivery dates
Magazine stock
Sales conditions
Sales documents
And much more…

Consignment stock

Came offers its most loyal customers various solutions to meet their logistics needs and integrate the supply chain to optimise delivery times

VMI-based consignment stock agreements for perfect synchronisation of the stock management system
Customer consignment stock agreements with zero lead time
Came in-house stock agreements with lead times reduced to just the packing and transport times
Forecast agreements for purchasing raw stators, to reduce the total lead time

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