Came acquires 2 new Last Generation Die-Casting machines (Industry 4.0)

8 January 2018

In line with our strategy, we have increased our fleet in the die-casting plant.

As already announced, Came has decided to focus on the production of die-castings by investing in the Foundry, a department that already exists since 1989; and the creation of a specific team dedicated to the production of die-castings.

To demonstrate our commitment, two new die-casting machines were purchased, one of 1400 tons and another of 560 tons, which are added to the already existing 9 machines of various tonnages and all served by robots.

Our state-of-the-art machinery is digitally interconnected with our computer system, guaranteeing better cycle times, consistent quality and tighter tolerances. We are pleased to announce this expansion of capacity as an advantage we offer our customers.