The collaboration between Moby Dick and Came continues

13 December 2023

The collaboration between the Moby Dick cooperative and Came continues this year with the 2024 calendar created to finance the cooperative’s musicotherapy project.

Musicotherapy is a discipline that exploits music to develop, elaborate, and analyse relationships in order to improve the quality of life of the most fragile people.

The main goal of the project is to give those attending the cooperative’s services the opportunity to find their own way of expressing themselves as individuals, through which they can relate to the world.

The experience will be followed by 3 expert music therapists who will follow the cooperative’s various groups from February to June, depending on their specialisations.

About 230 people will take part, including children from the nursery and micro crèche, children from after-school programmes and people with disabilities from day-care centres.

The proceeds from the calendar will finance this project.

You can support the project here