Tue 28 Feb, join the webinar: Electronics and mechanics for future mobility - Completed

21 February 2023

The webinar Electronics and mechanics for future mobility: Electric motor: smaller size for better performance organised by the Electric Motor Engineering magazine will be held at 10:00 on Tue 28 Feb, and Came will be taking part with its R&D expert Fabrizio Bardelli.

What is the webinar about?
The entire automotive industry will have to adapt its production model to accommodate an irreversible transformation. The whole power line will have to be rethought; smaller, lighter electric motors will need to ensure high performance and reliability. Everything needs to be re-engineered with new solutions; on-board, control and powertrain management electronics will be increasingly important.

What will our R&D expert talk about?
Fabrizio Bardelli will talk about the pros and cons of winding design solutions and how they affect the efficiency of electric motors. Fabrizio will also detail the relationship between design and testing, how partial discharges have an impact on electric motor life and what solutions can be adopted to reduce the effect.

The webinar will be open to everyone and moderated by Prof. Marco Villani.


Speaker: Fabrizio Bardelli
Webinar duration: 2 hours
Language: English

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