Came extends towards new application sectors

12 Settembre 2016

Came, as a highly specialised company in windings production, produces a wide range of products that can be used in many different sectors, providing unique and innovative solutions to specific requests.

Moreover, Came continuously extends its production range and provide a fully comprehensive service for all components of electric motors: die-casting components, wound stators, rotors with spindle, housed stators with processing, shields, processed flanges, application of terminal board connections, various threading and assembling operations.

Came products have their application in the following sectors:

– Electric motors
– Gears motors
– Pumps
– Motors for boats, electric and hybrid vehicles
– Compressors
– Submergible pumps
– Gate automation
– Cleaning machines
– Forklifts
– Electric wheels
– Wind power and marine industry
– Floor-washers
– Motorcycles and quadricycles
– Rail sector