Came Processing and Assembly

22 August 2016

In order to provide a fully comprehensive service, Came has equipped itself for insertion into housing and assembly of all typologies of windings, from Mec 56 to Mec 180. Came can also provide all die-cast components, such as shields and flanges processed according to customer drawings, ready for assembly.

The following is the list of Came Processing and Assembly services:
– Insertion and processing of wound stators in casings;
– Rotors with spindle;
– Mechanical processing of shields and flanges;
– Processing of components in cast iron, bronze, steel and aluminium.

To offer customized service, Came has a wide range of machines for the processing and assembly of electric motors comprising:
– 10 housing machines
– 11 assembly lines
– 2 hot assembly ovens
– 2 work stations for drilling and threading
– 1 work station for processing shields and flanges
– 13 lathes
– 3 vertical work stations
– 4 islands with lathe