Came Spa is growing, thanks to the merger of Cemel srl

9 March 2015

From December 31, 2014 Came spa took over in effect in the assets and liabilities of the merged company Cemel srl.

With this operation, the company aims to rationalize and optimize all the phases of the business processes, not only production and logistics, but also commercial.

We decided to give life to a reality that, in addition to being leaner in the internal management, also becomes more robust and strategic regarding the relationship with customers and suppliers, thanks to the choice of merging all activities into one organizational structure.

This is certainly a key step for Came spa, which, by creating synergies between the two companies, we are sure that will lead to an increase in our competitiveness within the market, thanks to greater dimensions and the centralization of all related activities.

We consider the merging a growth for us, but it also represents a further desire to meet the needs of our customers and potential ones, who can be now able to relate with a solid company, that has all the necessary tools to compete in a global and increasingly aggressive market .