Councillor Elena Donazzan visiting Came establishments

6 March 2015

“25 new hires for Came, a company of San Pietro Mussolino that produces electric motors and has a plant even in Chiampo. Me and mayors Tasso (San Pietro Mussolino – VI) and Macilotti (Chiampo- VI), went to thank the entrepreneur at the head of this beautiful reality for having courage in these difficult times, investing within its territory and giving new jobs.
Mr. Lino Chilese is an entrepreneur who pay homage to the Venetian people. Involved in social issues in sport, respectful of the quality of life of its employees and the foresight of the great captains of industry. ”

These fine words have been posted on the Facebook page of the Councillor for Education, Training and Labour of the Veneto Region, Elena Donazzan, who visited on March 5 the San Pietro Mussolino headquarter of Came spa. The Alderman has answered many of our questions regarding the rules on hiring, on funding possibilities of growth plans, research and development and other issues dear to us.
In a difficult economic crisis of the sectors, it is a great pride for us to participate actively, as far as we can, to an increase in employment.
Another significant recognition that drives us to do better, to tenaciously pursue the objective of investing in our country, even in a historical period in which the factories tend to decentralize both production and work force.

In the pictured from left: Gabriele Tasso mayor of San Pietro Mussolino, Alderman Donazzan, Lino Chilese owner of Came, Cristian Chilese and Matteo Macilotti mayor of Chiampo.