Celebration of Came 40

27 November 2017

The 40th anniversary of Came was a special moment. It is a true example of experience, responsibility, success and teamwork of our company.

The best way to commemorate such an important achievement is the book Came 40 that assembles the most important facts and company values. This also serves as a memento and an inspiration. The book is available only in digital format and only on Came 40.

For this special occasion, the memorable film has been made with the stories of people of Came, from the charismatic founder Lino Chilese to the loyal employees who worked from the very beginning for and grown together with Came.

Came was also proud to organize two special events to celebrate. Galà dinner for customers, collaborators and partners and the “Open Day” in the company, the event where the Came employees and their families are invited to visit the establishments. Discover exclusive videos and photos of the two events on Came 40.

Came would once again like to thank major collaborators who made this event possible, all the employees, partners and customers who participated in this event and who have always been alongside our company.