The new brand of Came Aluminium Die-Casting

13 December 2017

Came is the company with considerable experience in the production aluminium alloy die-cast components for electric motors.

Since 2018 Came has decided to invest even more in these activities, which mostly involve customized solutions for third parties. This is also thanks to the constant dedication in responding to the particular needs on the market in a dynamic and flexible way.

To achieve these objectives and to conserve the highest quality, Came has made a significant structural change within the company, creating a young and dynamic team dedicated exclusively to the production of die-cast for third parties.

The new brand and the image of Came Aluminium Die-Casting represent a strong decision and dedication of the company for new developments and perspectives. This project is a conjunction between past and present.

Significant investment was also made from the technological point of view with the increase of robots, presses, and measuring instruments and a new plant, all to increase production capacity.

With this productive, technological and structural upgrade, Came has set itself the goal of being increasingly ready to seize new market opportunities and to be increasingly available alongside its customers.