Lean Production: a new way of working at Came spa

9 December 2014

It is not always true that large and sudden revolutions are synonymous with success for companies. Very often started from the foundations of the company, from the individual employee, it’s possible to build a process of growth and gradual improvement, aiming to bring in not only production and sales, but also improvement in the quality of work, with concrete results.

The philosophy of Came spa decided to work in this spirit, by introducing in its plants an innovative process of Lean Production. A new way of relating to both job and worker, analyzing in detail and comparing the performance of the production system, in order to reach a concrete minimize waste until it is canceled.

Starting from the analysis of the entire production process, Came Spa has decided to invest not only in economic terms, but also in resources, in their internal forces, in order to achieve quality standards ever higher.

In a period when the market points to the relocation as a solution to reducing costs, Came spa we decided to go against the trend, focusing on our internal resources, which are those that have made our company the solid reality that it is today.
Made in Italy is for us an essential added value, and it is the reason why it is our firm intention to keep the work force within our territory, a choice that gives us the opportunity to offer a product and service 100% guaranteed.
We have invested about ourselves, about the people we have always trust, involving them in a process of improvement in an active way, listening to their suggestions and complaints.
Password: increasing efficiency, this is the goal that has guided our choice.
Through the facilities studied with the philosophy of Kaizen process, which is based on the renewal in small steps, to be done every day continuously, we can now begin to reap the desired results, after just over a year since the beginning of this path.

The participation and the serenity of our employees is for us matter of commitment, and that’s why we decided to focus on our workforce our resources, to continue to be a great team, efficient and highly professional.

Lean production