Came die-cast: from design to finished product

1 December 2014

The product range of Came spa die-casts Series IEC and MEC, is an important reference point for our customers.
But the services of Came develop also customized products, allowing the customer to create items on demand.
We can design the molds starting from the customer project, reaching up to the production of the product, or to provide the necessary cooperation for any constructional request.

The advanced software tools for 2D and 3D modeling and cutting edge software for the simulation of casting aluminum, allow our technical staff to verify the structural elements of the product already in the planning stage, introducing the geometry and loads, and thus highlighting any areas of defects.

All this allows us to provide clients with a professional service, which guarantees once the mold has been built, the practical feasibility of particular designed, ensuring quality and durability.

Thanks to the preparation and experience of our technical staff, our services are at your disposal for the development and design of any aluminum parts.

Below is the full list of services offered by Came spa:

– Molds Designing
– Molds Sale
– Design of custom part
– Stamping Aluminium parts
– Stamping Aluminum parts with machined process
– Fem Structural Analysis