The blog of Came Spa is online!

27 October 2014

The corporate blog of Came spa is now online.

We decided to further invest in communication offering to our clients and contacts, not only our expertise, but also our desire to share the passion for the work we do lovingly every day.

From the will to improve and grow both as a company and as a group, we have created this tool in a perspective of sharing and participation, which features the new way to communicate in the 2.0 era.
Our blog will be open to comments and exchange of information, because the goal is to create a network of communication with all those who want to interact with our staff.

Browsing through the pages and blog categories it will be possible to keep up to date on our products, industry news, about the events that Came spa participates, such as fairs and exhibitions, but not only, we also decided to make you somehow protagonists of all what goes around the world of Came.
Our corporate parties, innovations in research and development, and the people that make our company a great team.
Came Blog: communicate to grow together.