13 April: the Spin and Came webinar on the differences between distributed and concentrated winding - Completed

29 March 2023

Spin, a company active in designing, prototyping and industrialising electric motors and electromechanical devices, invited Fabrizio Bardelli, R&D expert at Came, to speak in the webinar on the differences between distributed and concentrated winding.

The webinar will focus on design from a technological perspective and Fabrizio Bardelli will talk about the pros and cons of winding design solutions and how they affect electric motors in terms of efficiency, cost saving and sustainability.

The webinar will be moderated by Luigi Rizzi, Technical Director of Spin, and the speakers will be Alberto Rubino, Electrical Engineer at Spin, and Fabrizio Bardelli.


  • Luigi Rizzi, Spin
    • Spin & Came Introduction
  • Alberto Rubino, Spin
    • Technical design: distributed winding vs. concentrated winding
    • Simulation tools
    • Electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical analysis: the main challenges
    • Electrical, thermal and vibroacoustic characterisation on the test bench
    • Electric motor performance: pros and cons of the two winding types
  • Fabrizio Bardelli, Came
    • Technological pros and cons, the advantages and disadvantages of the two winding types from an industrial process (processing) and materials perspective
    • Distributed winding
    • Concentrated winding
  • Questions and answers