Watch the video of the webinar Electronics and mechanics for future mobility in which Came participated

16 March 2023

The above video shows the “Electronics and mechanics for future mobility. Electric motor: smaller size for better performance” webinar organised by the Electric Motor Engineering magazine, at which Came took part with its R&D expert Fabrizio Bardelli.

Fabrizio talked about the pros and cons of winding design solutions and how they affect the efficiency of electric motors.

Some points from Fabrizio Bardelli’s words:

  • Compared to an asynchronous motor, the weight and volume of a brushless motor may be halved, while the cost may double
  • The cost must be taken into account at the start of the project in order to choose the correct motor design
  • We receive requests to produce wound stators powered by inverters up to 800V. Such stators will certainly be subject to partial discharges, and Came can study their insulation to ensure the motors have a long service life
  • Manufacturers in the electric motor supply chain must be prepared for future challenges that will determine whether asynchronous or brushless motors come out top in the automotive world in particular, and in the world of traction in general